Sleep Connection, melatonin patches

Sleep Connection patches reviews and opinions

Sleep like a log with Sleep Connection, the patented patches Sleep Connection are fast-acting melatonin patches that release this substance to the body at night in order to sleep better and more deeply, thus obtaining a more effective rest. Official store Access here to buy How Sleep Connection Melatonin Patches Work When ingested in capsules, it … Read more

Nerudorm, pillow for the legs when sleeping

Nerudorm review and opinions

Wake up with a renewed body thanks to Nerudorm, your rest partner Nerudorm is a sleeping leg cushion with a perfect anatomical design. In addition, its viscoelastic interior adapts to the shape of your body smoothly, thus avoiding any forced posture and relieving tension in your back. -50% in official store Access here to buy Sleep … Read more

Better Breathing Sport, I present to you the pocket spirometer

Better Breathing Sport review and opinions

Improve your training with Better Breathing Sport, the positive breathing device Better Breathing Sport is a revolutionary new device designed to improve your breathing by opening up your lungs and cleaning them. It is easy to use, and you only need 8-10 breaths of a few seconds before training. -50% in official storeAccess here to … Read more

Hale Breathing Aid, invisible breathing clamps

Hale Breathing review and opinions

Breathe better with Hale Breathing Aid, the alternative to nose clips Hale Breathing Aid are totally invisible nose clips that you can use continuously and that improve your breathing by 100%. You can use them at night to avoid snoring problems, or during the day to breathe better and prevent fatigue or even nasal congestion. … Read more

QinuxLeep, smart anti-snoring under your chin

QinuxLeep review and opinions

Sleep like a log with QinuxLeep, zero snoring QinuxLeep is a chin anti-snoring device that works by detecting snoring by vibration or sound, and launching a small stimulus to the jaw that makes us move to a position in which the airways are not saturated. And also without disturbing our sleep. -50% in official store … Read more

Antisnore Wristband, anti snoring bracelet

Antisnore Wristband review and opinions

Thanks to the new Antisnore Wristband, it recovers the charm of sleeping with a partner Antisnore Wristband is an anti snoring bracelet that works perfectly regardless of the origin of those snoring. In addition to helping prevent sleep apnea, it helps you if the origin is postural, nasal, or of any other nature. -50% in … Read more