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iBooster wifi range extender review and opinions

More signal strength with the iBooster WiFi amplifier throughout the house

iBooster is the latest Wi-Fi extender or wifi booster model that we have reviewed.With this gadget you will be able to obtain up to 85% more Wi-Fi signal coverage. In addition to this we will have faster data transmission in the area of signal coverage.

Where can I use the WiFi signal booster with iBooster?

This wifi signal booster is especially suitable for large houses, offices and for users who need high internet speeds. However, it is also very useful in small areas where more than one user connects to the network at the same time.

iBooster can increase wi-fi capability in your home, work and on the go.

buy iBooster wifi range extender review and opinions
iBooster can be connected anywhere, as a result, you have ready the WiFi booster signal wherever you need it.

This means that this Wi-Fi range extender can be used in hotels, shopping centers, offices and trips. In conclusion, it is a gadget designed to have a powerful signal wherever you go.

How works the most secure WiFi Booster iBooster?

based in our reviews, the WiFi amplifier iBooster is composed of two Wifi routers that act on a bidirectional amplified signal. In addition to this it comes with its own WPA2 encryption for you to have greater security. Furthermore, iBooster is considered one of the three best WiFi signal boosters on the market

iBooster wifi booster amplifier Features

  • It works plugged into any 220V electrical outlet.
  • Easy Installation: It is installed with a simple gesture. Just connect it to the electric current and use the WPS button. In a few minutes you will have your amplified signal.In addition to this works with any WiFi network
  • Wifi extend high intensity. The signal not only goes further, it also comes with much more force even in multi-storey buildings.
  • It is an ideal device to carry signal outside the house, such as to the garden, terrace etc. And so you can enjoy the internet outdoors.
  • Based in our wifi booster review WPA2 encryption. This security system will prevent data from being stolen anywhere.
  • Transfer rate of up to 300Mbps, this wifi signal booster is compatible with any brand of internet or router. RJ45 LAN connection.
  • According to the reviews and opinions, it is a recognized WiFi amplifier for any signal.
  • Signal efficiency suitable for playing video games without cuts with full guarantee.
  • It is also very easy to reconfigure if you change your modem or Internet provider to a new one.
  • In the same way as the WiFi X amplifier you have LAG sharing and deletion options for up to 12 devices simultaneously.
  • Free shipping worldwide.

The iBooster WiFi Amplifier is offered with free shipping, in addition to the 50% promotional discount. You can buy it now with total security in its official store without problems.

It is advisable to check the signal booster before and after its installation

All signal boosters like i-Booster will help you receive 100% of your original WiFi signal from long distances. We recommend that you run a speed test of your connection before and after connecting the device to check its effectiveness.

iBooster wifi booster reviews and opinions

I travel a lot and sometimes in hotels I need more signal strength, especially if I have a conference. Since using this wireless amplifier I have stopped having problems. It also encrypts the signal safely.

the best WiFi booster iBooster reviews and opinions

We live five people in a two-story house. I have the router upstairs, and when we are all on the ground floor there is not enough signal. With this wifi range WiFi amplifier we can use the whole family without problems.

the best WiFi booster iBooster reviews and opinions

I recommend you buy it, especially if you play online or have several people in the house connected at the same time. Although the interner connection is not good, with the WiFi amplifier you have 100% signal.

the best WiFi booster iBooster reviews and opinions

I have one inside the courtyard of the building and the signal reaches all the rooms much better. The only problem is that being outside I have had to protect it from the elements. If it were waterproof it would be perfect.

the best WiFi booster iBooster reviews and opinions

You can see below the technical sheet and the votes in the review of the WiFi amplifier

buy iBooster wifi range extender review and opinions
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