Wi-Fi amplifiers, let’s see the best sellers of 2024

Wi-Fi booster, let's see the ones that really work

Maximum signal strength with the best WiFi booster on the market Wifi booster is the device we use to improve signal coverage in our home or business. It works by collecting the WiFi signal emitted by the main router to broadcast it at a greater distance. Do WiFi boosters really work? Currently there are state-of-the-art … Read more

Wifi Ultraboost WiFi amplifier up to 300Mbps

Wifi Ultraboost the best WiFi booster review and opinions

Greater signal strength with the amplifier Wifi Ultraboost throughout your home WiFi Ultraboost is a Wifi signal booster, which collects the signal and then returns it increased in speed and intensity. This allows that there are no cuts or drops of the signal in any part of the building. -50% in official store What is … Read more

Wifi Pod, best pocket Wifi

Wifi Pod, best pocket Wifi

Review and how the 4G router with Wifi Pod amplifier works, official product Wifi Pod is a portable 3G,4G,5G WiFi extender router with amplified signal. It works by introducing a SIM card with which it emits an amplified signal allowing up to 10 terminals to be connected at the same time in an independent network. … Read more

GPS for car and tracking device

vehicle tracking device

GPS Tracker the tracker for cars, we present the official product This gadget is an ideal GPS tracking device for any vehicle, and even for people or other valuable devices, such as luggage, artwork, bicycles, etc. -50% in Official Store Thanks to this device, you can always have all your belongings located on your smartphone, … Read more