iFitness Pro the new ab muscle stimulator

ifitness the muscle stimulator machine

What is iFitness the muscle vibrator?

iFitness Pro is an ideal muscle stimulator to strengthen the entire abdominal, lumbar and torso areas.In addition it comes with accessories that can be used on arms and legs.

How does muscle electrostimulation work?

iFitness works by means of electrostimulation in the muscles. These are small electrical impulses that make the area where it is applied work at high intensity while doing exercises.

Muscle stimulator for perfect abs

ifitness ab stimulator machine
The exercise routines with iFitness Pro are in conclusion perfect for developing strong and marked abdominals and muscles.

However, it is necessary to perform exercises in addition to using this type of machines, because the machine does not provide the cardio work we need.

iFitness Pro is ideal for reducing fat

Another of the great advantages of using the gadget iFitness is that it helps us reduce fat in the abdominal area very easily. It can be used at rest, both to reduce volume and to avoid back pain.

ifitness electric muscle stimulator machine

iFitness Pro muscle stimulator features

  • Large stimulator device for chest or back, and two small ones for arms and legs.
  • Intensity and speed control for each muscle and need training.
  • Gel band system that adapts and attaches to any part of the body.
  • Easy to store and transport so you have your electronic fitness machine anywhere.
  • As effective as the Fat Burner slimming belt, but more geared towards sport and abdominal definition

iFitness Pro reviews and opinions

I have been using it for three months and I have lost a lot of waist fat. Now my abs are also marked.

IFitness abdominal stimulator reviews and opinions

I’m very happy. Thanks to this muscle stimulator my biceps are marked more. I also don’t have so much pain in my back after intense workouts. In conclusion, I recommend it.

IFitness abdominal stimulator reviews and opinions
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