Figur, pills to lose weight in 30 days

Figur review test and opinions

Recover your figure with Figur in just one month of diet Figur are new pills exclusively designed for those people who want to lose weight consistently over a period of time. They have a satiating effect, and totally natural. -50% in official store Tailor-made weight loss program with your batch of Figur The official page … Read more

Keto Extreme Fat Burner to lose weight

Keto Extreme Fat Burner review and opinions

Recover your figure with Keto Extreme Fat Burner, and effortlessly Keto Extreme Fat Burner is a nutritional supplement that helps regulate the levels of betahydroxybutyric acid (BHB) in the blood, and thanks to this, it allows you to burn fat effectively from the fats in food. -50% in official store An alternative to diets rich … Read more

Celumassan, anti cellulite massager

Celumassan Beauty review and opinions

Get rid of cellulite naturally with Celumassan, the perfect massager Celumassan is a cellulite and localized fat reducing massager that works with all parts of the body where you need it. It is very easy to use, and will allow you to achieve a smooth, blemish-free silhouette in just a few sessions. -50% in official … Read more

Infrared therapy, thermotherapy

Infrared therapy review and opinions

Discover the different applications of infrared therapy, in aesthetics and health Infrared treatment is the one that by means of an infrared laser light, heat is emitted to an area of the body, head or face. The application of these devices allows, above all, to increase the blood flow in the desired area in order … Read more

VitusPen, ideal cosmetic applicator

Vitus Pen review and opinions

Recover your beauty with VitusPen, the latest generation cosmetic applicator VitusPen is a new applicator for creams and other cosmetics that uses a modern spray system that injects all kinds of serums, moisturizers, firming agents, etc. deeper into your skin. -50% in official store Get 100% use of your cosmetics with the VitusPen applicator When … Read more

Parxal Arms, reducing patches for arms

Parxal Arms review and opinions

Eliminate the sagging of your arms with Parxal Arms, the firming patches Parxal Arms are fat-reducing patches specially designed to fit the arms. They reduce localized fat and also reaffirm the skin, avoiding the sagging effect. -50% in official store The ideal complement to the dumbbells are the reducing patches for arms, Parxal Arms After … Read more

Cupalex, anti-cellulite cupping suction cup

Cupalex review and opinions

Take years off your skin with Cupalex, the healthy suction cup Cupalex is a cupping suction cup, used for beauty and physiotherapy treatments. With this device you can remove cellulite from your skin, fat nails or treat pain and extent of injuries. -50% in official store The Cupalex cupping beauty treatment really works For years … Read more

SleemaH, unisex body shaper

Reduce your waist with SleemaH and also protect your lower back SleemaH is a double function slimming girdle. On the one hand, it provides you with warmth and allows you to reduce bust sizes while slimming your figure. On the other hand, it provides an ideal support to the lower back that protects you from … Read more

Swettax Vest, fat burner garment

Swettax Vest review and opinions

Use the Swettax Vest slimming vest and you will reduce sizes faster Swettax Vest is a fat-burning vest that increases sweating and significantly reduces fat around the waist, kidneys and lower abdomen. In a short time you will be able to achieve a flat stomach and without sagging skin. -50% in official store Using the … Read more Protection Status