Keilini, portable PTC heater

Keilini Mini Heater, reviews and opinions

Heat your home with Keilini, the most advanced PTC heater

Keilini is a mini ceramic heater that uses PTC technology to have greater efficiency and consume less electricity. In addition to being small and portable, it is very powerful, and according to the manufacturer’s review it can heat small rooms in 60 seconds.

Why is the Keilini mini ceramic heater so efficient?

Due to PTC technology, the higher the temperature, the greater the resistance of the ceramic device, so that when the set temperature is reached, the Keilini mini portable heater turns off.

For this reason, if a circuit does not use more electricity than is strictly necessary to reach a set temperature, the cost of operation will be much lower.

Instant heat with the silent fan of the Keilini heater

Keilini Heater review and opinions
Thanks to the three fan speeds, which allow hot air to be sent to the room in seconds, and the rapid heating of the resistances of the Keilini portable heater, you can heat a room in just over a minute.

In addition to this, with a sound between 37 and 45 dB you will barely notice that it is running, which makes this heater a perfect device for sleeping.

Features and advantages of the Keilini portable mini heater

  • Connection to the standard electrical outlet, to choose from a USA, Canaan, European or UK plug for 220V.
  • Low consumption, with power of 750W/1500W as we choose.
  • Following the manufacturer’s instructions, rooms of up to 12 square meters can be heated in one to two minutes.
  • Automatic shutdown as a safety measure in case of overturning.
  • Completely portable even when you are using it, as the case hardly gets hot,
  • Three fan speeds to adapt to every situation.
  • Less than 45Db at maximum power and just 33Db at minimum which makes it silent even for sleeping.
  • PTC ceramic technology, called Positive Temperature Coefficient which is more energy efficient.
  • Together with Warmool Heater it is one of the that consumes the least in its category.
  • Listed among the Best portable ceramic heaters of this year.
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  • 100% satisfaction guarantee, you have 14 days of return without obligation
  • Free delivery worldwide.
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Our final evaluation of the Keilini portable mini heater

We are facing a well-known brand that, in addition to excellent design in its products, offers advanced technology at a low cost. This type of heaters do not require installation or maintenance during their useful life.

Conclusions and opinions of the author of the review of the Keilini portable heater

It really is small and adapts very well to small rooms. For the shower it works very well, in addition, if you have the windows and doors well waterproofed it really heats up efficiently. I like it.

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