Life Heater, best PTC ceramic heater

Life Heater reviews and opinions

Save on heating with Life Heater and its new smart resistance Life Heater is a smart mini heater, with solid-state ceramic chips that heat quickly and uniformly (PTC technology) that can also be programmed to disconnect, and regulate the temperature more precisely. Official store Access here to buy Move around the house without getting cold with … Read more

Keilini, portable PTC heater

Keilini mini heater reviews and opinions

Heat your home with Keilini, the most advanced PTC heater Keilini is a mini ceramic heater that uses PTC technology to have greater efficiency and consume less electricity. In addition to being small and portable, it is very powerful, and according to the manufacturer’s review it can heat small rooms in 60 seconds. Official store Access … Read more

Warmool Heater, the most efficient ceramic heater

Warmool Heater review and opinions

Enjoy a warm environment with Warmool, the economic heater Warmool Heater is an energy efficient instaheat mini heater. Thanks to a ceramic resistance that heats up in a few seconds, and also retains heat for longer, it allows you to keep a room warm with less energy consumption. -50% in official store The Warmool mini … Read more