Lifevac, reviews based on studies and documented experiences

We want to know if Lifevac works and if it is not dangerous

Lifevac has become one of the most popular anti-choking devices worldwide. That is why we have not only been reviewing the product to show how it works and what its features are, but we have gone further. In this article we will see dedicated studies.

Lifevac, reviews and opinions
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Numerous studies show us the effectiveness of the Lifevac anti-asphyxiation device

Although we previously included a Lifevac review we need to add studies and experiences to this portal that help us better understand the usefulness of the device. These are the ones that seemed most notable to us.

  • Would health science students handle anti-choking devices correctly and quickly? A crossover test with dummies. See study.
  • Phase one of a global evaluation of suction-based airway clearance devices in foreign body airway obstructions: a retrospective descriptive analysis. See study.
  • A 2-year prospective evaluation of airway clearance devices in foreign body airway obstructions. See study.
  • A systematic review on the effectiveness of anti-asphyxiation suction devices and identification of research gaps. See study.
  • Efficacy of two commercially available devices for airway foreign body relief: a cadaver study See study.

The main source consulted was the government website PubMed with the seal of the National Library of Medicine (NIH), which publishes contrasted studies from different sources worldwide.

Conclusions from studies on the use of anti-asphyxiation devices such as Lifevac

Lifevac, test reviews and online opinions
After reading the various studies, there are several conclusions about the Lifevac anti-choking device that are common, and that is its effectiveness, more than 90% of the cases in which it has been used have ended successfully.

In addition to this, practically 37% of inexperienced users (in this case nursing students) have known how to use the device.

Weekly inquiries 3.408Buy Lifevac, reviews and opinions

Higher percentage of Lifevac users compared to Dechoker

Another conclusion that can be obtained based on the experiences of Lifevac users and the statistics provided by the studies in the review is that the use of Lifevac is more widespread than that of its competitors, such as Dechoker.

The great importance of practicing with anti-asphyxiation devices

Another important fact to take into account is that the percentage of subjects who underwent prior training with correct compliance with the choking protocol was 50%, while only 37% of those who did not receive prior training performed it correctly.

Lifevac achieves a higher success rate in anti-asphyxiation protocols

With a combined success rate of dislodging the airway obstructing object of 94.3% on the first attempt,Lifevac trials can demonstrate that in most cases the device can be effective.

The importance of using suction devices correctly

In one of the studies, it is observed that several brands of suction anti-choking devices place excessive pressure on the tongue, which can cause injuries. It is important to follow the protocols for these cases and know well how the device works.

Conclusions from the use of Lifevac during a choking situation

Although many of the studies do not present conclusive evidence, and some have noted that the suction device can cause injury if not used correctly, other studies report a large success rate when removing foreign objects from the throat.

The importance of knowing the anti-asphyxiation protocol

Even if you do any training with suction devices, it is vital to know the anti-asphyxiation protocol and carry out the extraction step by step.

Disclaimer: This review describes the use of the product and its purposes. At no time does it intend to give medical advice or diagnose any disease.

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