MiniCam Pro the new mini wireless camera

minicampro the best mini spy wireless camera

What is the mini wireless camera MiniCam PRO and what is it for?

MiniCam Pro are mini spy mini wireless camera created exclusively for everyday use in the security of your home. In addition to this they are excellent gadgets to record outdoor activities, such as sports and adventure.

Record anywhere with MiniCam Pro

In contrast to other mini spy cameras, this product is much more versatile, and allows not only to camouflage, but also to be used anywhere thanks to its design.

Small hidden camera portable for outdoor activities

The mini wireless camera MiniCam Pro has a magnetic support that allows it to be fixed to any metal surface.

Furthermore it is waterproof, and accepts TF cards, so it can record a lot of activity time.

Small spy cameras for any situation

Above all MiniCam Pro is an ideal spy tool at any time. It has a microphone for the reason that can record sounds. In addition to this, night vision and its HD resolution make it possible to record at night.

Best mini wireless camera MiniCam Pro features

  • Video format 1090 P / 30 fps or 720 p / 30 FPS with AVI extension and camera up to 4032 x 3024 in JPEG
  • Supports TF cards up to 16GB, allows recording up to 1h continuously on video.
  • Microphone with motion capture and audio recording system. Ideal for mini spy cameras.
  • Night vision and HD resolution. as a result is perfect to avoid theft and night vandalism.
  • It is the smallest mini spy camera on the market in its category.
  • Also ideal for security recordings in your home against theft or break-ins.
  • If you want to record images and videos in 360 degrees, you also have the Hyper360 camera

MiniCam Pro mini wireless camera reviews and opinions

For the reason that I found many problems in the garden some nights, I installed a spy camera. In the end thanks to this I saw that it was a dog that every night was breaking things.

MiniCam Pro reviews and opinions of users
Stock analyst

I installed a couple of these small spy cameras when I went on vacation. I did it more for the feeling of security they give, than for anything else. I will probably not be able to avoid it if someone comes into the house, but I can have evidence to take to my insurer.

MiniCam Pro reviews and opinions of users
Agricultural engineer
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