NanoBoom, powerful mini Bluetooth speaker

NanoBoom, reviews and opinions

Take the music with you thanks to NanoBoom, the super, mini speaker

NanoBoom is a powerful and compact mini speaker that thanks to its size you can take wherever you want without effort. On the other hand, you will get high-quality, clear and high-volume sound that you can hear perfectly in any environment.

How the NanoBoom mini speaker works

Thanks to a passive radiator inside its frame, it can produce deep bass well above speakers of its size. In addition, the NanoBoom mini speaker has a built-in 3W high-performance neodymium driver that allows for louder, more balanced sound.

With the NanoBoom mini speaker you will have a lot of party taking up little space

NanoBoom review and opinions
Despite being very small, little more than the size of a shot glass, the NanoBoom speaker’s 3W is so optimized that it will fill a room with music running at half power.

In addition to this, with the volume at 50% you will have more than 8 hours of uninterrupted music according to the manufacturer’s review, and you will only need 2 hours for a full charge.

Features and benefits of the NanoBoom mini speaker

  • 2500 Mah battery with 8 hours duration, fast USB-C charging and high performance.
  • 3W power optimized by means of a neodymium driver.
  • Clear and powerful bass through a patented internal radiator.
  • Smaller dimensions make it the total pocket speaker.
  • IP67 water resistance that is also very easy to clean due to its completely smooth surface.
  • Simple and intuitive control with a single button, or from the smartphone.
  • High-speed Bluetooth 5.0 connection compatible with any device.
  • Made of lightweight metallic materials, but at the same time shock resistant.
  • Currently existing models can only be paired with specialized software.
  • Unlike Beatfy 360 the sound is directional and sharp and not open and enveloping.
  • The same manufacturer also offers the wireless earphones EarDrops whose review you can see here.
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Final Rating NanoBoom Portable Bluetooth Speaker Review

Intelligent design with innovative technology that allows you to have portable quality sound, easy to carry and light. Although the price may seem slightly high, in this case, you are buying a higher quality product compared to others in its category.

Conclusions and opinions of the author of the NanoBoom speaker review

It really is very small and functional. The sound comes out clear and it connects very well with any device. It doesn’t vibrate and the battery holds up well. On the other hand, in rooms with a lot of people it is necessary to raise the volume to 75% or 80% to be heard well.

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