Better-Butter Spreader, the butter spreading knife you will love

Better-Butter spreader reviews and opinions

No brand needed, it’s called Better-Butter Spreader™ because that’s what it is Better-Butter Spreader™ is a different, innovative and very original butter spreading knife that improves any slice of bread. It is more convenient to use, it allows you to work with all types of butter, no matter how hard they are, in seconds. Official … Read more

Qinux TitanPG, the most robust military smartwatch of the moment

Qinux TitanPG reviews and opinions

Don’t be left without a watch, Qinux TitanPG holds up to everything you need Qinux TitanPG is a military-style smartwatch that is much more reinforced than its predecessors. Designed to resist all types of shocks and stress situations such as high pressure underwater, you can always wear it in ideal conditions. Official store Access here to … Read more

Qinux Marvic ECG, the smartwatch with real-time health monitoring and electrocardiogram

Qinux Marvic ECG reviews and opinions

Watch and health consultation in one, Qinux Marvic ECG gives you everything Qinux Marvic ECG is a new smartwatch that has the most complete health monitoring and real-time data interpretation kit in its category. You will be able to know your physical state at all times in detail. Official store Access here to buy If something … Read more

CozyCharge, the hand warmer with universal power bank

CozyCharge reviews and opinions

Warm hands and a charged phone, with CozyCharge you have it all CozyCharge is a hand warmer that charges your phone, or a charging bank that warms your hands. You choose what to call it, the effect is the same. Thanks to this ingenious gadget, we can charge any device while warming our hands. Official … Read more

Trump mugshot, a unique collector’s edition

Trump Mugshot card review and opinions

Of all the cards, Trump’s Mugshot is the most valued Trump’s mug shot, an image that should make many blush, has become an icon for the former president of the United States and a great collector’s item for those with an eye for investments. Official store Access here to buy A collection of letters that culminates … Read more

GloveMood, heated gloves with touch screen control

GloveMood reviews and opinions

Move without cold with GloveMood, the latest generation gloves GloveMood are heated gloves that incorporate a 10,000Mah charge bank that allows you to keep your hands warm even in the most extreme cold circumstances. They also provide excellent mobility and resist all types of adverse weather. Official store Access here to buy Instant heat in your … Read more

Trumpinator Bobblehead, the most wanted Donald Trump action figure

Trumpinator Trump Bobblehead reviews and opinions

Whether you are in America or not, you will hardly have Trump’s Trumpinator Bobblehead in your hands The Trumpinator Bobblehead is original (limited edition), we loved it and it needs no introduction. From our website, we can assure that we have no political inclinations of any kind, and this report is not electoral propaganda, but … Read more

Qinux ZumGo is the cordless blender for your pace of life

Qinux ZumGo reviews and opinions

Turn the glass of Qinux ZumGo upside down and pour yourself a good glass of vitality Qinux ZumGo is a cordless blender that you can charge via USB and take with you wherever you want. Its homogeneous and practical shape is ideal for taking it assembled anywhere, assembling your smoothies, turning it over and serving … Read more

Poliglu, an instant translator that always accompanies you

Poliglu translator reviews and opinions

Travel wherever you want with Poliglu, and understand everything Poliglu is the most used instant voice translator in the world. In addition to having a very affordable price for all budgets, its Application compatible with all phones and tablets makes it perfect to accompany you to any corner of the world. Official store Access here to … Read more

Voice translator, your new travel companion

Voice Translator reviews and opinions

The impact of the voice translator on global communication Communication is a fundamental aspect of our lives and, in the era of globalization, it has become even more important. Whether traveling for business, tourism, or simply connecting with people from different cultures, language can be a significant barrier. However, thanks to the advancement of technology, … Read more

Qinux HydriMass, the shower head with SPA effect

Qinux HydriMass reviews and opinions

More than a shower, with Qinux HydriMass you will disconnect from the world Qinux HydriMass is a shower head with a Spa effect, relaxing massage and a built-in silicone exfoliating brush that will make you spend hours showering. Enjoy its three pressure modes and forget your tensions. Official store Access here to buy How does the … Read more

Total View, the hands-free binoculars

Total View Hands Free Binoculars reviews and opinions

Don’t miss a single detail with Total View, the most comfortable binocular Total View is the hands-free binocular designed so that you can carry out any activity in which you need to see very far away without having to keep your hands busy. It has the precise vision of military binoculars and the comfort of … Read more