Preventing mosquito bites is now easier

Avoid mosquito bites, reviews and opinions

In summer or when traveling, preventing mosquito bites will save you a lot of trouble

Avoiding mosquito bites is one of the biggest headaches when summer arrives or when we travel to hot and humid places. In addition, the proliferation of diseases such as Dengue or Zika force us not to let our guard down.

Anti-mosquito bracelets help us prevent bites wherever we go

When traveling or moving through the countryside, the beach and other outdoor places, there are several methods to avoid being bitten by insects, or at least the vast majority. The most widespread method to prevent insect bites are bracelets, both citronella and ultrasound.

Moskinator review and opinions

Moskinator, keeps mosquitoes away

Ultrasonic bracelets are highly recommended for children, they are waterproof, and unlike citronella bracelets, they do not lose effectiveness, they last for many years and you only have to charge them once in a while when.

Insect traps help prevent mosquito bites at home

For your home, whether you are indoors or outdoors, insect traps are really effective. In addition, you can take them with you in your suitcase and use them on your vacation, in hotels, apartments or even camping.

Mosqinux FlashBeam review and opinions

Mosqinux FlashBeam, the most effective trap

Among the traps that allow you to keep insects away from you and yours, the favorite is Mosqinux FlashBeam, with a very high effectiveness that will allow you to avoid mosquito bites, wasps, horseflies and many others is the best seller this summer.

We can do much more to prevent mosquito bites

These recommendations are the most common if you want to prevent insects from biting you. Especially in areas where the tiger mosquito proliferates, which are very aggressive and increasingly common, and carriers of Zika, Dengue, Malaria or other diseases.

  • Using insect repellent is the most common, apply to exposed skin and clothing according to the product instructions, more effective if they contain DEET, picaridin or lemon eucalyptus oil, but keep in mind that they are not long-lasting .
  • Wear long-sleeved clothing, long pants with socks. If possible with light colors, since mosquitoes are attracted to dark colors.
  • Install screens on doors and windows to keep insects out of your home.
  • Avoid peak times such as dawn and dusk as much as possible.
  • Inside your home, it is important to eliminate insect breeding sites such as containers with standing water, flower pots, buckets or outdoor containers. This reduces their population.
  • Fans make it more difficult for them to fly and decrease the chances of getting stung.
  • Finally, avoid attractive odors such as strong perfumes, fragranced body lotions, and sweat.
  • You can see our list with the best LED mosquito traps and the section on insect-repellent bracelets on this website.
  • Remember that avoiding insect bites keeps you safe from the diseases they cause.

Why it is important to prevent mosquito bites

In addition to the discomfort they can cause, these insects can pose various dangers, depending on the type of mosquito and the geographical region in which you are. Some of the main concerns associated with their bites are as follows:

  • Malaria is a disease transmitted by the female Anopheles mosquito. Malaria can be serious and even fatal if not treated properly.
  • Dengue: It is a viral disease transmitted mainly by the Aedes aegypti mosquito. Dengue can be hemorrhagic, and can cause fevers, severe muscle pain, and in severe cases, life-threatening complications.
  • Zika: A virus transmitted by mosquitoes of the genus Aedes, especially the Aedes aegypti. Zika can cause mild flu-like symptoms in most people, but it can have serious consequences for pregnant women, as it has been associated with birth defects in newborns.
  • West Nile fever: A viral infection transmitted by infected mosquitoes. In most cases, it causes no symptoms, but in some cases it can cause serious illness, such as encephalitis.
  • Chikungunya: A viral disease transmitted by the Aedes aegypti and Aedes albopictus mosquitoes. It can cause a high fever, severe joint pain, and a rash.

Other problems you should avoid from mosquito bites

Some people can develop allergic reactions to mosquito bites. These reactions can range from localized itching and redness to a severe allergic reaction known as anaphylaxis, which can lead to respiratory distress and shock.

Avoid mosquito bites in children for better health

Secondary infections, much more common in children. Because they tend to scratch more, insect bites can lead to bacterial skin infections. If the resulting lesions are not treated properly, they can develop into abscesses or cellulitis.

We can’t always escape mosquito bites

Remember that even if you follow these tips, you may still get itchy, if so, avoid scratching to avoid infection and apply a soothing cream or lotion to relieve itching. If you have a severe allergic reaction or have unusual symptoms, seek medical attention.
Disclaimer: This report on how to avoid mosquito bites is intended to show the products and explain their characteristics, at no time is it intended to encourage purchase or influence the consumer’s decision.