Qinux Swatter, electric fly swatter racket

Qinux Swatter review and opinions

With the new Qinux Swatter fly swatter, not a single one will escape Qinux Swatter is a new two-in-one electric fly swatter that you can use conventionally, or that you can also turn into an effective LED mosquito trap, which attracts and electrocutes them. Official store Access here to buy Not a single one escapes with … Read more

Anti mosquito watch and insect repellent bands

Anti mosquito watch and insect repellent bands

What are ultrasound mosquito wristbands and watches? The best Ultrasound mosquito repellent and insect repellent bracelets and watches are connected wrist-worn devices. These emit a low-frequency sound that repels insects, avoiding bites and discomfort they cause. You can find out more in the following comparison. How do insect repellent bracelets and watches work? The anti-mosquito … Read more

KillerFly Pro best mosquito killer lamp

KillerFly Pro review and opinions

For the summer without mosquitoes with KillerFly Pro, and rest KillerFly Pro is the improved LED mosquito lamp that best suits your environment. Its 360º effect and a more silent, fast and effective method will get rid of all kinds of flying insects in an area of 100 meters. -50% in official store KillerFly Pro’s … Read more

DorikaBite, pen for bites

DorikaBite review and opinions

Relieves any bite with DorikaBite, and itches away DorikaBite is a new laser pen for insect bites that reduces irritation and relieves both itching and pain in a few seconds, reducing swelling and curing eczema even on atopic or sensitive skin. -50% in official store How DorikaBite Sting Pen Works When an insect bites you, … Read more

Pestcop, pest repellent

Pestcop review and opinions

Your house free of pests with Pestcom, the ecological pesticide Pestcop is an ultrasound device that repels pests of all kinds of insects and small mammals such as rats. It works by emitting very low frequency sounds that are annoying to these animals, but harmless to people. -50% in official store Don’t harm the animals, … Read more

SMosquito, UV trap for insects

SMosquito review and opinions

Attract and kill mosquitoes and insects with SMosquito, the UV decoy SMosquito is a trap for insects that attracts them by means of a UV light more effective than many other LEDs, and that by means of an electric field kills all kinds of flying and terrestrial insects with a shock. -50% in official store … Read more