The Wand and purify the wine in your glass

The Wand reviews and opinions

Wake up without a hangover with The Wand, the official wine purifier

The Wand is the perfect complement to remove sulphites from wine and purify it to perfection. Thanks to this new invention, you can enjoy all the tastes of a good wine and wake up the next day free of hangovers and headaches.

The wine will suit you better if you purify it with The Wand

Sulfites are derived from the sulfur that foods preserve, and that are formed in liquors when fermenting. The higher the density in the wine, the worse its taste, and the greater the damage to the body. Thanks to the purification of the wine with The Wand, the sulphites remain attached to the device and improve the taste of the drink.

Neither hangover nor heartburn cleaning the wine with The Wand

The Wand review and opinions
Sulfites and histamines are responsible for headaches, stomachaches or instant flushing. The Wand filters remove 99% of these substances in all types of wines, cavas and soft liquors.

In addition to this, you can recover the drink if it has been open for several days and still has not turned to vinegar.

Features and how to use The Wand Wine Scrubber

  • You just have to immerse it in the glass or glass with the drink and let it act.
  • You do not need to stir or shake, the electrolysis mesh acts directly.
  • It is advisable to clean the device and dry it after each use.
  • Thanks to this method, you can eliminate histamines and sulphites without the need for chemicals.
  • You can use it with all kinds of wines, white, rosato, red, and even sparkling.
  • In addition, it also softens the vinegars, allowing the generation of vinegar creams that are much tastier and more diffusive.
  • The material is very easy to clean, and lasts for years.
  • It will help you avoid the dreaded hangover the next day.
  • 99% of people who suffer from stomachaches, or who blush when drinking wine, have noticed an improvement.
  • It allows to recover wine that has been started for days, and the taste is softened as just opened.
  • If you want a bit of cachet in your kitchen, together with Suction Knife Sharpener it is a perfect complement.
  • There are tests to check the level of histamines in a drink, you can do a before and after test and check that the experiences are worth it.
  • It is one of the most original gifts in a kitchen next to the MagicMix food mixer
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Insured delivery worldwide.
  • The seller has a legal tax identification and makes the direct sale by sending from the brand’s factory, without third-party intermediation. It is NOT a dropshipping sale and your data and consumer rights are kept 100%

Reviews and opinions of The Wand wine scrubber

I really like to have a couple of glasses of wine with meals, but usually I can’t because it tends to make me feel bad. I think if this works it is a good idea and I could take a test to see if I can enjoy more with meals.

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My drink is of quality, it only becomes more acidic when it is open for several days. But for parties, where you don’t know what your hosts are going to buy, it seems like a good buy. Especially if you have friends with bad taste for this kind of thing.

buy The Wand reviews and opinions

buy The Wand reviews and opinions
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