Types of thermometers. Which is the best?

what thermometer is more accurate

We analyze different types of thermometer to see which is better

In this review, we will see which types of digital thermometers are more accurate. In addition to this, we will see which are better for babies and adults.

The classic digital thermometer is usually more accurate

These are the characteristics of our selected classic digital thermometer:

TermoSense R

  • High precision in measuring body temperature
  • LCD screen
  • Temperature in Fahrenheit ºF and Centigrade ºC
  • Alarm when detecting fever
  • Flexible arm, can be used on babies.
  • Price: 39.99€
  • Worldwide Free Shipping

Infrared forehead thermometer the best for babies

Currently digital infrared thermometers have greatly improved their accuracy.They are worn in contact with the forehead and show the temperature instantly.  For this reason, they are ideal for babies.These are the characteristics of our selected infrared thermometer:

Smart Fever termómetro de infrarrojos es mejor para bebes

Smart Fever

  • High precision and measurement speed 0.5 sec
  • LDC screen
  • Temperature in Fahrenheit ºF and Centigrade ºC
  • Color code indicating the state
  • Ideal for babies, just support it on the forehead
  • Price: 79.95€
  • Worldwide Free Shipping

In conclusion, what is the best thermometer?

For precision, the two types of digital thermometers are currently similar. For babies, we believe that the infrared forehead thermometer is better, since they can be measured more easily.

On the other hand, the infrared thermometer is more expensive. You can see our full reviews of both models below:

Reviews and opinions

I use the usual one, the mercury one, and I have no complaints. In addition, for more than 10 years, they have not broken and have never given problems.

Best types of thermometer
Massage therapist

I have two babies, and the forehead thermometer is the only one with which they can take their temperature well.Normally the measurements are reliable, so I’ll stick with that one.

Best types of thermometer