GX Smartwatch Core, bluetooth Total Control

GX Smartwatch Core reviews price and opinions

Answer calls with elegance and precision with the GX Smartwatch Core, official product

GX Smartwatch Core is the smart watch that combines an elegant design and that allows you to answer the phone with the most advanced Bluetooth technology. In this review you can see its main features and buy it at 50% discount.

What’s new in Core GX Smartwatch?

This new smart watch brings new more powerful functionalities. The most important ones come in their components. It has a high-precision heart rate monitor and advanced software for sports activities.

What are the biggest improvement in Smartwatch model GX about the battery and Bluetooth connection?

Includes a high-density battery with low-consumption lithium-ion. Latest generation Bluetooth, and in addition to that it has small dimensions that make it more elegant.

Is Core GX Smartwatch model really that good or Scam?

buy GX Smartwatch reviews price and opinions
With Core GX Smartwatch you have full control of the phone with fast bluetooth connection

Because of this, you can control music, photos and calls from its LCD touch screen like on a tablet or smartphone.

Smartwatch model GX and hands-free all in one

Thanks to the high speed of the new Bluetooth of this smartwatch, you can use it as hands-free driving, answer calls from the shower and much more.

Core GX Smartwatch Features

  • 24h Intelligent Pulse Tracking (ECG) with minimal battery consumption.
  • It is totally submersible, but it is not recommended to expose it to temperatures above 38º for a long time due to which has some silicone components.
  • Accurate analysis of blood pressure.
  • Sleep monitoring and control, plus time alerts without physical activity.
  • Pedometer and activity monitoring you will see your day to day at the level of movement.
  • Built-in stopwatch, alarm and calculator.
  • Different functions of sports activity with all kinds of physical training.
  • The Smartwatch APP divides calories consumed daily and into exercise sessions for better activity control.
  • Fully connected to the smartphone, receives SMS notifications, web chat, Whatsapp, etc. and it allows answering calls through Bluetooth
  • Remote control of the camera and music playback.
  • Anti-lost system
  • High-performance, long-lasting battery.
  • The straps are elegantly designed and really resistant. All of high quality, both in leather and metallic.
  • Now with new wallpapers and uniquely designed spheres.
  • LCD touch screen with the latest technology. And also hardened against scratches and bumps.
  • This is the GX model smartwatch application for Android and iOS
  • Free shipping worldwide.

Now Core Smartwatch at half price only in official store

Like the Xwatch model, this smartwatch can be bought for half the price. In addition to this, GX Smartwatch has all the guarantees of return and repair plus free shipping..

Avoid buying the generic smartwatch of the model GX

Many people confuse this Smartwatch model GX with others very similar in wholesale stores like Amazon or Aliexpress. To avoid confusion, it is advisable to always buy in an official store.
You will have secure payment by card and Paypal, money-back guarantee, personalized attention and no surprises on the invoice.

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The new version of GX Smartwatch the best-selling these holidays

In addition to all the opinions of the users, the general evaluation and the characteristics that we show you in this review, we have followed up on this new version of the GX Smartwatch model, and we can tell you that it is the best selling for these holidays.

Core GX Smartwatch reviews and opinions

I really like the design. The screen looks great and the different wallpapers are great. Surely I bought it, or give it to my partner who also likes.

GX Smartwatch reviews opinions and best price

I gave it to my husband on Father’s Day, and he really likes it. He doesn’t stop doing things with him, he’s like a child with a new toy. In my opinion an excellent gift at any time of year.

Core Smartwatch reviews opinions and best price

It is a very elegant model. I bought it and I can’t stop showing off my watch.The heart rate monitor is very accurate, and the blood pressure monitor too.Also have a good price.

Core Smartwatch reviews opinions and best price

I have given one to my boyfriend and I think it is one of the best gifts I have ever given him, he loves it and he is very happy.Very good product review.

GX Smartwatch reviews opinions and best price

I advise you to buy it in the official store, I took it with 50% discount and they took great care of me, I also arrived without problems and with complete confidence. I have a very high opinion of this review and the watch is fine.

buy GX Smartwatch reviews price and opinions
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buy GX Smartwatch reviews price and opinions
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