Water Bomb Speaker the waterproof bluetooth speaker

Water Bomb Speaker buy waterproof bluetooth speaker

What is the Waterproof Water Bomb Speaker and why is it so cool?

Water Bomb Speaker is a waterproof speaker that emits music and sound files via bluetooth. It can be connected to any phone or tablet and used as a peripheral anywhere, including places that are damp or that are getting wet.

What is a bluetooth waterproof speaker used for?

Waterproof speakers like Water Bomb Speaker are so called shower music boxes. But they really are so much more.
They are not only used in the shower, they are also ideal for the beach, camping areas and for use with children when going out, as they are resistant and invulnerable to any liquid that falls on them.

Can a waterproof speaker be submerged?

Although the Water Bomb Speaker is waterproof, according to our review and the manufacturer’s tests, it is not advisable to completely submerge it, since the water pressure can allow it to enter the system and damage its components.

Water Bomb Speaker reviews of waterproof bluetooth speaker
The submersible bluetooth speaker Water Bomb Speaker resists salt water from the sea, splashes from soft drinks and hot water from the shower.

In addition to this, it transmits the files with total fluidity even if the issuing phone is kept in a backpack or among our clothes.

Features of Water Bomb Speaker

  • Ideal to use in the shower, or enjoy on the beach.
  • Fast bluetooth connection up to 10mts.
  • Compatible with all bluetooth devices, tablets, mobiles, computers and even smartwatch with the ability to play.
  • 15V power, similar to Spatial Sound Edge
  • Waterproof, resists corrosion from salt water or the acidity of soft drinks.
  • Very easy to clean.
  • Crisp, high-quality sound.
  • The ideal bathroom accessory together with the iWeight smart bluetooth scale.

Reviews and opinions of Water Bomb Speaker

I’ve been using a waterproof bluetooth shower speaker for a long time, and it’s something I love. This model shown in the review is very beautiful, and it is well priced. I’m going to buy it in case the one I have breaks.

Speaker bomb review and opinions

I really like to bring music to the beach and waterproof speakers are a great idea. I find it a very attractive gadget.

Speaker bomb review and opinions
Water Bomb Speaker portable and submersible bluetooth speaker reviews and opinions
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