iWeight the smart bluetooth scale

iWeight smart bluetooth scale reviews

What is iWeight the Smart Bluetooth Scale?

iWeight is an intelligent scale that connects to our mobile phone and through a bluetooth device, sends the weight data of each user to the smartphone application in order to keep a daily control and an overview of our health.

How does weight management work with iWeight?

Just install the application corresponding to the mobile phone. Pair the device with the scale using bluetooth and add the data of the users who are going to use it.

Each user, when weighed with iWeight, will activate the system and the device will send the data to that user’s profile. Then the application will calculate all the parameters of our metabolism in the history.

How does a bluetooth smart scale help you lose weight?

First of all, using the bluetooth scales on a daily basis, already makes us have greater control over the tendency of our body to lose weight or gain weight. So it is easier to react in time if we go to an unwanted weight.

buy iWeight smart bluetooth scale opinions
With the iWeight smart bluetooth scale we will also have the information of our BMI, body fat percentage and much more data.

We will be able to make decisions with the weekly and daily data, and in conclusion, continue with a diet and exercise routines or change them.

iWeight Smart Bluetooth Scale Features

  • BMI calculation.
  • Muscle mass volume data.
  • Measurement of bone density.
  • Metabolism control.
  • Control of water in the body, ideal for measuring losses in sports sessions.
  • Report the fat accumulated in the body.
  • The application allows reports for different users.
  • Compatible with Android, you can see the application here, and with iOS on this link.
  • Bluetooth scale with elegant design and high precision.

The smart scale and the smartwatch are an ideal mix

iWeight is the ideal complement to train with a sports activity watch like GX Smartwatch. Thanks to the daily weight control and the calories consumed, we can have a perfect diagram of the relationship between activity and weight loss.

iWeight reviews and opinions

In my house the whole family uses it. Thanks to the bluetooth scale we now have more weight control, especially adults.


Knowing the metabolism data is an incentive. I started controlling by testing, and now, since I have more attention about what I eat, I have lost three kilos.

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