ActivBeat 2.0 the cheap noiseless headphones

Activbeat 2.0 cheap wireless gaming headphones reviews and opinions

The new ActivBeat 2.0 noise-canceling headphones fit it all

ActivBeat are a new generation of noise-free wireless headphones specially designed to provide more immersive experiences in games, music or movies. Thanks to their new technology and their special design, they are recommended for all kinds of activities.

Surround sound with ActivBeat 2.0 noise-free headphones

The sound quality we have with the ActivBeat 2.0 noise canceling bluetooth headphones is really good. This is because in the first place, there are no audio cuts, its Bluetooth socket is high speed and transmits perfectly. Second, its 57mm speakers offer clear sound with perfect bass.

The perfect noise-free wireless headphones for traveling

Buy Activbeat 2.0 cheap wireless noise-free gaming headphones reviews and opinions
For travel on transport such as the subway, train or plane, the ActivBeat 2.0 Noiseless Wireless Headphones will help isolate you from disturbing noises and allow you to listen to music, watch movies or play without discomfort.

In addition to this, the batteries are long lasting, up to 650 hours and is compatible with any device.

Main features of the AvtivBeat 2.0 wireless noiseless headphones

  • Anti-perspirant material prevents sweat and abrasions.
  • They are also very resistant to shocks and falls, and difficult to break.
  • Can be washed very easily with a few damp wipes or a cloth.
  • Very comfortable to wear and light, it can be used for hours.
  • Speakers with surround sound effect for a better immersive experience.
  • Long battery life, with up to 650 hours without charging.
  • You can recharge with a USB type C cable socket. Charging time of an hour and a half approx or three hours if charging from a computer.
  • It allows a practically total isolation from external noise.
  • It is ideal for all kinds of entertainment, from watching movies or playing games to listening to music or audiobooks.
  • It is compatible with all types of devices with Bluetooh, and with all operating systems.
  • The best-selling wireless headset this year together with the colored headphones Color Pods, thanks to its excellent price and quality.
  • Free shipping worldwide.
  • 100% money-back guarantee.

Reviews and opinions of the ActivBeat 2.0 noiseless wireless headphones

For video games they are amazing, and to watch movies and series too. You immerse yourself in the game and nothing bothers you, I think if my floor catches fire and the firefighters come and I will not find out.

Activbeat 2.0 wireless noise canceling headphones reviews and opinions

I travel a lot by train and subway, and I like listening to music. With this type of helmet the truth is that you isolate yourself so much that sometimes you miss the stop if you are not attentive. By the way, I have the same ones as the ones in this review.

Activbeat 2.0 wireless noise canceling headphones reviews and opinions
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Buy Activbeat 2.0 cheap wireless noise-free gaming headphones reviews and opinions
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