Airphysio, the lung training device that cleans your lungs

Using Airphysio frequently improves your breathing capacity

Airphysio is a device with which you can perform positive lung breathing exercises, also called a spirometer. You will be able to increase your respiratory capacity, and also eliminate mucus from your lungs, leaving them clean and clear.

Airphysio, reviews and opinions
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Learn how Airphysio works in a few minutes

Both to train your lungs and to clear them, you can exhale at five-minute intervals. You can repeat the operation up to 5 times a day until you find the intensity you need for correct use. You can see the video of how Airphysio works below:

Discover the benefits of Airphysio in your daily workouts

Blowing through the Airphysio mouthpiece exerts a slight pressure on the lungs, which is what exercises and helps to open the diaphragm naturally. It is called positive oscillating pressure (OPEP) and It is the equivalent of doing push-ups with the respiratory system. Lung capacity can be increased with this type of training.

After a respiratory problem, using Airphysio can help in recovery

Airphysio test
For people who suffer from asthma, or have overcome some type of respiratory problem such as pneumonia, smoking, surgeries, etc. Airphysio is a very great help.

In addition to this, it can be used by children, adults and the elderly who need it, the intensity is adapted to the needs of each person and works with a few minutes a day.

Main advantages and characteristics of Airphysio

In case you are not sure if this is the spirometer that best suits what you need, before buying, we show you all the data provided by the manufacturers and official suppliers in their reviews:

  • First of all, it is very easy to assemble and use
  • Secondly, you don’t need a prescription to buy it.
  • You can use it from the age of five at all ages.
  • It is the most sold brand in the USA, although outside of this country you will find it as Breathing Training Pro
  • The device will help you clean mucus from your lungs efficiently.
  • In addition to this, in a few weeks you will see that your lung capacity improves.
  • You don’t need drugs or chemicals to use it.
  • It is also very easy to clean and can be used by any member of the family.
  • Buying Airphysio through its official online store is cheaper than the pharmacy and Amazon commercials.
  • From our experiences and based on user reviews, it is advisable to perform very mild tests if you have a nervous cough.

Learn about everything that Airphysio can do for you

Once you have bought the PEP device and start using it, you will see that everything is an advantage. Unlike other models, with Airphysio you will have a supplement that will allow you to train and train better, and also purify your lungs.

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Airphysio, review and opinions

Experts advise using Airphysio under supervision in cases of respiratory problems

Both the opinions of specialists, as well as the experiences of real users with respiratory problems, or regular smokers, make it clear that it is advisable to consult a pulmonologist or your specialist doctor before using the Airphysio device.

  • In case of doubt, consult your pharmacy before carrying out a test.
  • If you need a device to train apnea, with this gadget you will have an improvement of up to 30% in your lung capacity.
  • Before using this type of device, if you are under treatment for any type of lung infection, consult your doctor first.
  • You can alternate strengthening sessions at times of physical activity and at rest for best results.
  • For greater hygiene, it is advisable to clean it with hot water, such as a baby’s bottle.
  • The device does not require batteries or any type of electrical support, it is totally mechanical.
  • If you need to clear your lungs, you can do the sessions after taking inhalations with menthol or eucalyptus.
  • The information in this review is based on the test and opinions of real users and the price on their official website.
  • If you live in a contaminated area, it will help you prevent any EPO or chronic bronchitis.
  • For smokers who want to quit smoking, using Airphysio the days after will help them to eliminate tobacco more quickly from the body, and therefore to have less anxiety.
  • Other spirometers such as TilCare or aerobika also work well, although buying this model is better for its quality-price ratio.

You will also find other advantages based on Airphysio tests, reviews and opinions

The vast majority of OPEC devices provide great benefits to the body. Although there may be some Airphysio claims, these are usually about Amazon sellers, the best place to buy on the official website.

  • Adcquired lung capacity is not easily lost, and is maintained for a long time.
  • Note: The pressure generated by Airphysio in the lungs is not dangerous or harmful in healthy people, adults or the elderly.
  • The best place to buy the pulmonary training device is the official website, Amazon and other platforms can sell imitations.
  • Although this version is created exclusively for adults, the official brand has recently announced a truly efficient and safe version for children according to tests.
  • The version of Airphysio for kids uses the same OPEC Oscillating Positive Expiratory Pressure (OPEC) technique
  • It can help reduce the respiratory symptoms of diseases such as Covid 19
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Cheaper or free delivery worldwide. You can buy in Spain, France, Italy, Germany, Austria, United Kingdom, Portugal, rest of Europe, USA, Canada and many more countries.
  • The seller has a legal tax identification and makes the direct sale by sending from the brand’s factory, without third-party intermediation. It is NOT a dropshipping sale and your data and consumer rights are kept 100%
  • As the seller has informed me, I can assure you that There are NO hidden tariff charges in the price for any country.

Customer service

  • (US) +1 302 278-4091
  • Support and returns email:
  • Mailing address: AirPhysio Unit 3/6-8 Amber Drive, Tweed Heads South, New South Wales, US, 2486

Consult your doctor review if you have serious ailments before using Airphysio

Any test to improve breathing should start with a smooth experience and improve progressively, you should not start using Airphysio at 100% of its starting capacity.

First of all make sure you do not have injuries when using Air Physio

If you have any type of serious lung, vocal cord, or respiratory problem, or are recovering from any type of operation or treatment, it is advisable to consult a specialist doctor before starting training sessions with Airphysio in order to to avoid any injury in a delicate area.
You can see below a video demonstration of how to use it:

  1. Mount the device and adjust the intensity to suit your breathing.
  2. Inhale until your lungs are full.
  3. Put the mouthpiece of the appliance in your mouth so that no air escapes through your lips.
  4. Blow with a slight intensity overcoming the resistance of the spirometer.
  5. Repeat the process up to fifteen or twenty times.
  6. Finally, Repeat this series with intervals of five minutes of rest.
  7. Find the most comfortable position to perform the exercises.
  8. It is advisable to do tests after a period of rest, and others after physical activity.
  9. Airphysio test reviews from our users ensure that it is the same product online as in the pharmacy.
  10. Check your results after a few weeks, you will see how you hold your breath longer and you get less fatigued on the move.
  11. Another great advantage of using this method is that you can increase the time you hold your breath by up to 40% in just a few weeks.

Don’t forget to review the reviews on how to use Airphysio to perform each test correctly

Whether you want to perform a workout or to remove dirt and mucus from your lungs, the process of training with Airphysio is very similar. Make the necessary sessions for each thing.

AirPhysio FAQ

Can it be bought in pharmacies?

Yes, the device is for sale in pharmacies, although the price may be slightly higher than on the official website and in some countries it may be an imitation.

Can I use it to recover from operations or severe lung diseases?

All lung exercises that are performed when coming out of a serious illness in the respiratory system must be supervised by a specialized doctor. Consult your doctor before using this device in these cases.

Do PEP breathing exercises increase the size of the lungs?

Definitely not, positive breathing increases lung capacity and improves the absorption of oxygen by the lungs, but it does not make them grow.

Can a spirometer cure a cold or flu?

Mucus is a symptom and not a disease itself. Performing oscillating positive breathing exercises serves to expel that mucus, but it does not cure the disease that causes it.

Final assessment and conclusions of the Airphysio review

In addition to being tested and working satisfactorily for thousands of people since 2016, this device is the ideal tool for your lungs. In conclusion, when you buy Airphysio you are acquiring a tool that will allow you to improve your health exponentially.

Conclusions and opinions of the author of the Airphysio breathing device review

After several tests, I can verify that the device works, both to help the lungs to expel all the mucus, and to improve the ability to breathe deeply. In addition, the device is manageable and you can take it with you without problems.

Airphysio review test and opinions
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Reviewed by 3 users

    • 3 months ago

    I have consulted several personal trainers and they all agree that this device does not help to increase lung mass significantly, so I vote hoax.

    • 4 months ago

    For sports it is not so valid. I have seen several sports blogs that advise against it and I have my doubts. To help cleanse the mucous membranes, it is true that devices like Airphysio are helpful, although you have to help yourself with some syrup or inhalations so that the mucus comes out better.
    Since I have not purchased it, I cannot give a good rating to the store, but I have tried similar devices and I am very clear about what the device is like.

    • 4 months ago

    Since using it I have greatly improved my problems with colds. Now I recover faster and better. I also manage to expel the mucus with less effort.

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