Qinux Airgo, the best-selling mini air cooler in the UK, US and Australia

Pay less on your bill this summer with Qinux Airgo, much more than a fan

Qinux Airgo is a mini air cooler with an air evaporation system, which is used to cool medium-sized rooms in a natural way. In addition to cooling the environment faster, it is the most economical alternative thanks to lower consumption than others in its category.

Qinux Airgo, reviews and opinions
Weekly inquiries 4.714 Buy Qinux Airgo, reviews and opinions

Instant cooling technology for greater efficiency of the Qinux Airgo aircooler

Thanks to its more efficient ventilation circuit, which allows the air to pass through the ice bin with greater force, the instant cooling technology of the Qinux Airgo fan has a rapid cooling capacity that begins to cool the environment in 30 seconds .

With two Qinux Airgo air coolers you amortize the cost of a conventional air conditioner

If one evaporative air conditioner can significantly reduce the temperature of a room, with two you can reach a really pleasant temperature in a very short time and in larger rooms.

The Qinux Airgo evaporative air conditioner is the cheapest alternative

Qinux Airgo review and opinions
If you want to save, and you don’t want to get hot, the 12V Qinux Airgo mini portable air conditioner may be the perfect solution. The energy consumption of an air conditioner is 20 times higher than that of this device.

In addition to this, it is portable and requires no installation, just ice or cold water and a plug. You can lower the temperature of a room as necessary to create a pleasant climate.

Weekly inquiries 4.714 Buy Qinux Airgo, reviews and opinions

Features and Benefits of the Qinux Airgo Portable Air Cooler

  • Cordless operation with a battery charge of up to 12 hours of use.
  • Simple installation, you just have to fill the tank with fresh or ice water and connect it.
  • 450 ml capacity which is recommended to be replaced every two or three hours with new ice for optimal performance.
  • Water tank designed to prevent spillage and dripping.
  • Three fan powers to obtain the best performance.
  • Instant cooling effect that allows you to start reducing the temperature of a room in 30 seconds.
  • Better alternative to conventional air conditioners, less power but a huge difference in cost.
  • It also cleans, purifies and humidifies the air thanks to its innovative filter.
  • Totally silent, it is ideal for sleeping, you can also program it.
  • Alternative soft light that you can use to illuminate yourself at night.
  • This summer it will be among the Best-selling mini air cooler for its quality and innovative mechanics.
  • Due to its characteristics, it will also fight for the position among the best mini portable air conditioner in its category.
  • Safe and reliable, the blades are housed inside to prevent any accidents with children or pets.
  • Other users also check the review of the best portable neck fans in this same portal.
  • It is important to remember that good insulation in doors and windows will help you maintain optimal temperatures with less energy consumption.
  • Note: Use of the Qinux AirGo mini air cooler correctly allows you to reduce the temperature by between 5 and 6 degrees in rooms up to 10 meters, for larger sizes it is advisable to alternate two devices.
  • In humid climates, evaporative coolers like the Qinux AirGo are slightly less effective, so it is important to refresh the ice more frequently.
  • You can also buy it in Japan and Israel with the same facilities as in the UK, Australia, Europe or the USA
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We have been reviewing discussion forums, pages where users can include their opinions and reviews about AirGo from Qinux and different rating companies in UK, US or Australia, and most of them give us positive feelings when purchasing the product.

Final assessments and conclusions of the Qinux AirGo mini air conditioner review

In addition to very low energy consumption, the new instant cooling technology is a breakthrough, and it is working very well indoors and cools even outdoors. In conclusion, the Qinux AirGo mini air cooler is ideal for combating the heat in small spaces with minimal cost.

Conclusions and opinions of the author of the Qinux Airgo evaporative cooler review

Despite being small, the motor is powerful, and that allows a lot of air to pass through the wet filter every so often. This particular mini air cooler is surprising for its efficiency in medium-sized rooms and for the low noise it generates when you use it in sleep mode.

Reviews and opinions of the Qinux Airgo mini air cooler

For one of these devices to be considered instant cooling, it must cool really quickly. If the fan is very well optimized it can be achieved, in addition, today the motors of these devices consume very little. I will buy it.


If they comply with what is stated in this review, I will sign up for the experiences of enjoying a cool summer at home spending little money. The air conditioner I have is even too powerful for a small office.

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