Airwatch Pro and S the cheap smartwatch

Airwatch versus Airwatch S comparison of the two smartwatch

The new models of the Airwatch smartwatch look alike and are two very different ranges at the same time

Airwatch is a smartwatch brand that is evolving, and that every time offers us a better variety of high-quality models at a low price. Thanks to this, we can choose between classic models along with the Pro, or S ranges that give a leap in quality in terms of components, taking advantage of the mobile functions as standard in all models.

The best-selling and most wanted models of Smartwatch Airwatch

Here we present the models that have sold the most in recent months, both for their low price and for their quality. these are the basic model, and Airwatch S which is a higher range and higher quality, although slightly more expensive.

buy Airwatch S smartwatch reviews and opinions

Airwatch S the cheapest smartwatch in the range

This model is the youngest of the family. With all the sports features, it stands out that its use is all through a touch screen without buttons. But with all the functionality and style of more expensive models, and with the novelty of carrying the built-in USB charger inside the strap.

You can buy the Airwatch S model for only € 49.95 with a 100% satisfaction guarantee

buy Airwatch smartwatch reviews and opinions

Airwatch Pro a much more powerful and versatile smartwatch

With the Pro model we have an independent charger, higher quality and resistance of the components, a long-lasting battery similar to military smartwatches and integrated GPS. In addition to a side control button that gives it more style.

You can buy the Airwatch Pro model for only € 99.00 with a 100% cancellation and delivery guarantee

Major differences between the Airwatch S and Pro smartwatch models

  • Battery life: Up to 21 days for the Pro model compared to 7 for the S model
  • Charger included in the Pro model, and integrated in the S model
  • Water resistance IP68 in the Pro model, and IP67 in the S model
  • Integrated GPS in the Pro model
  • Final price with the discount applied of 50% of € 99 on the Pro smartwatch and € 49.95 on the S model.
  • Liquid crystal touch screen on both watches.
  • All sports and phone control functions built into the two products.
  • Free shipping costs worldwide and satisfaction guarantee on both smartwatches.
  • Color screen and wallpapers on both models.
  • The two smartwatches are limited edition and will be on sale with a 50% discount only until the end of the promotions.
  • When out of stock, we will send you the Qnix Watch model which has very similar features.
  • Both smartwatches have high-quality sensors similar to those that come with the NIN Watch

Reviews and opinions about the Airwatch smartwatch

I bought the Pro model a few months ago, and I am very happy. It is a watch with a very fine and resistant cut, I use it for sports, even for swimming, and at the moment it is impeccable, like new.

Reviews price and opinions about the Airwatch smartwatch
Occupational risk analyst

Customer service is very good, I have the S smartwatch in two different colors. I placed the order, and later they corrected it by email so I could have both. As for the watch, it is doing very well, and I think it is a very cheap purchase in terms of quality and price.

Reviews price and opinions about the Airwatch smartwatch
buy Airwatch smartwatch reviews and opinions
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