Nin Watch smartwatch with GPS and SIM card

Nin Watch smartwatch with GPS and SIM card reviews and opinions

The smartwatch with integrated phone of the moment is Nin Watch, with independent GPS and SIM

Nin Watch belongs to a new generation of smartwatch that come with an operating system and an integrated SIM card slot, which allows us to use it as a smartphone from our own wrist. It also has all the sports tracking technology, including GPS, compass or altimeter.

A phone on your smartwatch with Nin Watch wherever you go

For any activity in which you need to have your hands free, such as driving, cycling, running, etc., this is the ideal complement. This is because Nin Watch works like a phone inside your smartwatch, thanks to the Micro SIM card that you can insert to perform these functions.

Up to one week of operation without charging your Nin Watch

buy Nin Watch smartwatch with GPS and SIM card reviews and opinions
First of all, the Nin Watch smartwatch has a light operating system that consumes few resources, and thanks to its 360mAh battery you can enjoy it for up to 7 days without charging it.

In addition to this, you can talk for several hours without running out of charge and thus be able to answer any call in any situation.

Main features of the smartwatch with GPS and SIM Nin Watch

  • the smartwatch is compatible with all the operating systems of your smartphone.
  • IP67 waterproof, you can shower with it without problems.
  • Health monitoring at all levels, with sensors for temperature, pulse, blood pressure, oximeter …
  • Extreme sports tracking, independent GPS, compass, altimeter.
  • You can answer phone calls via Bluetooth.
  • Slot for a built-in Nano-SIM card, you can make and receive calls independently without needing a phone.
  • The watch’s operating system is available in all languages.
  • The 360mAh lithium battery will allow you to go up to a week without charging.
  • You have an internal FLASH memory of up to 128Mb
  • Additionally to this, you can activate the alerts of all the APPs of your phone.
  • And you have all the sports monitoring programs to be able to carry out your routes or exercise routines.
  • Free shipping worldwide.
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee

Reviews and opinions of the smartwatch with GPS and SIM Nin Watch

The calls are quite clear, the only thing I see is that if you want to talk, you do not have the same privacy as with a telephone. Otherwise it works very well.

Data analyst

The battery does not last seven days for me. I do not know if it is necessary to change the settings so that it is not measuring continuously, or what I need, but in four or five days I have it hooked to the charger always.

Traffic officer
buy Nin Watch smartwatch with GPS and SIM card reviews and opinions
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