Cleaner Glasses scratch-free glasses cleaner

Glasses Cleaner without grating reviews and opinions

The lenses of your glasses always impeccable with Cleaner Glasses, official product

Cleaner Glasses are new tweezers equipped with microfiber pads specially created to clean the lenses of the glasses by removing all dirt and stains without scratching the glass, and without the need for additional products.

Dry cleaning the lenses with Cleaner Glasses is the great advantage of this gadget

One of the great advantages of this new cleaning device is that no water is necessary. With Cleaner Glasses we can clean any type of glasses without wetting them and much more effectively than with a damp cloth.

Cleaner Glasses cleaning tweezers especially useful on the beach or excursions

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Thanks to its new microfiber pillows, Cleaner Glasses attracts sand and dirt particles instead of dragging them on the surface of the glass, avoiding scratching its surface.

In addition to this, it easily cleans sweat stains that we can produce with the friction of movement, or fingerprints if we touch them when adjusting or putting them on.

Main characteristics of the lens cleaner, Cleaner Glasses

  • It is very light, comfortable and easy to carry, it fits in any pocket.
  • The cleaner clip adapts to all types of glasses.
  • Microfiber pillows are resistant and very long lasting.
  • Cleans both prescription and Properfocus lenses, such as sunglasses.
  • Does not scratch the glass, guaranteed 100%.
  • It is advisable to dry the glasses.
  • It is also very easy to use, it does not need any special instructions.
  • The design of the device allows cleaning both sides of the lens at the same time.
  • Ideal for cleaning adjustable glasses such as Properfocus and thus having a clear vision at all times.
  • Free shipping worldwide.
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Reviews and opinions of the Cleaner Glasses lens cleaning tweezers

They work great, no glare and the glasses stay really clean. I see them a little expensive, or at least they could come with spare parts. For the rest, I recommend them.

Glasses Cleaner without grating reviews and opinions
Ceramic Press Machinist

This summer I bought some because every year sunglasses suffer a lot on the beach and I have to change them. This year, I have finished the summer and everyone in the family has them impeccable.

Glasses Cleaner without grating reviews and opinions
Writer of children’s stories
buy Glasses Cleaner without grating reviews and opinions
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Cleaner Glasses
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