Clear Visor cheap transparent face mask

Clear Visor transparent mask reusable reviews and opinions

Show your face with Clear Visor the fashionable transparent and reusable mask

Clear Visor is a new completely transparent protective mask that can also be reused as many times as we want, because it is made of washable silicones that do not deteriorate over time. With it you can show your face at all times.

Work and social meetings with the Clear Visor transparent mask are more comfortable

When we go to a work meeting, school parents, or any other event in which we must interact socially, being able to see the faces of our interlocutors and that they see ours is important. With the Clear Visor transparent mask, we can see our faces and feel more comfortable.

Clear Visor transparent masks, in addition to being reusable, are safe

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One of the advantages of the Clear Visor transparent silicone mask is that it forms a totally waterproof shield, allowing us to breathe through the sides.

In addition to this, the ducts through which we breathe prevent mist from forming on the surface of the mask, so our faces will always be visible.

Main characteristics of the reusable and transparent Clear Visor mask

  • Made with non-polluting silicones and BPA-free, it is safe and effective.
  • It has all the safety and efficiency certificates according to the manufacturer’s review.
  • Completely washable with soaps and hydroalcoholic gel, it does not degrade and is totally reusable.
  • It defends you from all kinds of splashes, since there is no front air intake, but side and in the lower area of ​​the face.
  • You can wash it as many times as you want, in addition, the rubber bands are ultra resistant and interchangeable.
  • For greater safety, you can disinfect the mask with UV devices.
  • The ventilation of this mask prevents the formation of mist indoors or in winter, therefore that your face will always be seen.
  • It is ideal to have more satisfactory social relationships in these times of pandemic.
  • according to the manufacturer’s review, it is effective against all types of viruses and bacteria because it is waterproof , as long as it is cleaned with the appropriate measures. It also prevents in both directions.
  • The filters in the side area should always be kept as clean as possible to avoid any contagion by aerosols.
  • Together with Clear Shield Smart Shield, it is the best transparent mask on the market for its fit and aesthetics.
  • Free shipping worldwide
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Reviews and opinions of Clear Visor, the transparent reusable mask

It’s really good, although being a little tight, it rubs my cheekbones a bit. But the truth is that now I go back to putting on makeup with more enthusiasm to leave the house. This makes my day more when I’m with people.

Clear Visor cheap transparent mask reusable reviews and opinions

It is used for everything, except to play poker, hehe. But yes, the truth is that we have everyone from the office, and the meetings are less tense thanks to the fact that we can see all our faces and gestures. We ordered 10 for everyone and it was very cheap.

Clear Visor cheap transparent mask reusable reviews and opinions
Web designer

For training I find it a bit uncomfortable, especially if you do exercise in which you sweat a lot, such as cardio sessions or running. On the other hand, to walk down the street and others if I like it. And that of showing the face is very good.

Clear Visor cheap transparent mask reusable reviews and opinions
Personal trainer
buy Clear Visor transparent mask reusable reviews and opinions
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