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Colour watch is the smartwatch that never goes out of style

Color Watch with eWatch one of the best selling watches in the world. This is because it offers an elegant and youthful design that combines with all ages, in addition to a large number of technical features that make it an excellent health tracking gadget.

This device offers us dozens of ideal functions to be able to have a daily control of our routine. It also allows us to always be connected to our Smartwatch, so that we can see any alert on our phone comfortably and quickly.

It has been shown that following our blood pressure and our heart rate every day can avoid health problems.

That is one of the best features of Color watch, which additionally does it accurately and allows the storage of all this data.

Colour watch features

  • Color Watch has complete health control, measures blood pressure, blood oxygen, heart rate and much more.
  • It has activity control, such as step counter, calories burned, and in addition sports cycles such as running cycling and swimming.
  • Receiving messages, WhatsApp, Facebook, Webchat etc, as well as call alerts, alarm, calendar, sedentary alert, drinking notices and much more.
  • 120mAh interchangeable battery and 128MB memory
  • Compatible with Android and iPhone models
  • Wide variety of colors in the catalog with attractive and very modern designs
  • Like other smartwatches like xWatch or from GX Smartwatch, it has an updated version for sale in its official store.

Colour watches reviews

I bought two to be able to combine different colors of the smartwatch according to the clothes more than a year ago, and they work great both.
I like it a lot, it also doesn’t go out of style

Colour Watch reviews

It is quite accurate, I bought it because I needed a smart watch to measure blood pressure, and Color watch is in conclusion the ones that worked best for me.

Colour Watch reviews
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