Dual iWatch the hands-free smartwatch

dual iWatch the hands-free smartwatch

Review and operation of Dual iWatch the smartwatch and wireless headset

Dual iWatch is a new product that combines a smart watch with a hands-free device, all in one. This allows us to perform different activities, releasing the phone and moving everything to this device.

This gadget has a sports band, which works like any other activity monitor like Colour Watch.We can use it for our usual health control, with measurement of steps, sleep, blood pressure, heart rate etc …
Dual iWatch works also as an intelligent sports band.In addition to this, we can turn it around and use it as a handsfree to your phone.

Calls always available with Dual iWatch

dual iwatch smartband with Freehands
The Dual iWatch is the best option to always be available to make calls, and to have our phone connected at all times to our smart band.

And it is still an excellent health band with all the functions of the usual smartphones.

Dual iWatch features

  • It has all the functions of smart watch to measure health and sport. It has sleep measurement, step counting, exercise routines, blood oxygen, etc …
  • Hands-free headset system. You can use it on the ear, or turn it over and the device is ready.
  • Dual iWatch is fully compatible with Android and iPhone
  • Similar features to the Xtreme Band fitness tracker in variety and structure.
  • It is a product made from durable materials that will allow us to enjoy it for long.
  • This smart device is in terms of technology at the height of the GX Smartwatch model that you can see in our review.

Dual iWatch reviews

I have it for two months and it works great for me. So far I have not had any problems with the sports band and the hands-free part works very well.

Dual iWatch reviews price and opinions
Andrea Fisher
Flight attendant

The truth is that I’m enjoying it a lot.

Dual iWatch reviews price and opinions
Leo Amato
Security officer
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