Qinux Razzrol, I present to you the pizza cutter with tongs to serve portions

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I have tried this original pizza cutter, and I will try to answer all your questions regarding use and results. But you can also see the opinions of other users along with the rating they give so you can get a clear idea of what it is.

Let’s start by knowing what this specific product is

Qinux Razzrol is a pizza cutter that incorporates a serving tray and a special serrated edge for cutting the hardest dough. This tool also has tongs that will allow you to serve the pizza without it falling.

I detail below the advantages of Qinux Razzrol

If you are like me, you eat pizza a day or two a week, and you also like kitchen gadgets, with this pizza cutter you will have fun while you serve dinner.

Straighter and more precise cut

Qinux Razzrol, the most precise pizza cutter
If I have a thing for something, it’s getting my pizza slices cut out crooked. The handle of the Qinux Razzrol pizza cutter allows me to cut in a straight line without deviating and without making efforts.

In addition, the blade is sharp so that it digs effortlessly into the base of the pizza, separating the slices as you cut, that way you don’t need to stretch with your hand to separate them.

A pizza serving palette

Qinux Razzrol, built-in pizza serving paddle
When you have guests to eat, it is rude to serve food with your hands, no matter how confident you are. Personally, I find it a little unhygienic and I prefer to use a utensil for it.

With this pizza cutter that problem is over, since it has a built-in paddle that allows you to pick up each slice of pizza and serve it without touching it with your hands. You also have a clamp that improves grip so that it does not fall on the table.

Saw cutting for edges and hard masses

Qinux Razzrol, serrated edge for pizza edges
If there is something about pizza that prevents you from being able to cut straight slices with thick crusts and edges. The rear edge of the Qinux Razzrol pizza cutter is serrated, which allows you to cut hard parts more easily.

In addition, it is designed so that you can use it on other foods, such as pastries, or as a bread knife, so that you can always cut each slice well.

Greater space savings in the kitchen

Qinux Razzrol, four-in-one pizza cutter
Another thing I liked about this pizza cutter is that it is a four-in-one tool. With this kitchen tool you save space in the kitchen and on the table, and in a single device you have all the functions to cut and serve pizzas

In addition, the manufacturers have achieved a design that is not only very comfortable to use, but also saves you from having to wash different kitchen utensils, since it is all in one piece.

We detail the technical and purchasing characteristics of Qinux Razzrol

  • Made of stainless steel that is very easy to clean and does not deteriorate.
  • You can pick up the pizza slices with the peel and serve them without staining your hands.
  • In addition, you have a clamp that prevents the food from falling if you have to serve it to several diners.
  • When you have to cut edges or very thick dough, you have a serrated edge that allows you to do it comfortably.
  • On the other hand, it is sharp and it is advisable to keep it away from children. Remember that this device is designed to cut.
  • Together with Qinux Mescuper is one of the kitchen tools that I like the most from this brand.
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Customer service

  • Hours Monday to Friday from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
  • +34 932 20 07 72 : English
  • +34 932 20 07 72 : Hebrew
  • +34 932 20 07 80 : German
  • +34 932 20 07 82 : Spanish
  • +34 932 20 07 82 : French
  • Support email: support@ecomgroupteam.com
  • You can contact the company to resolve any questions with your orders, to make returns or to inquire about use, request assistance and everything related to the product.

Here are some tips for using the multipurpose pizza cutter

If you want perfect cuts, always try to cut the pizza as soon as it comes out of the oven and separate the portions, if possible on a hard board, never on a plate so as not to damage it.

You can wash it in the dishwasher and by hand. As it is made of steel and very smooth, dirt comes out easily. To dry it well, it is advisable to do it by air, so that no water remains between the joints.

After reviewing the Qinux Razzrol pizza cutter, these are my conclusions

I definitely liked it a lot. It is comfortable to use and adds a touch of elegance to the table. In addition, you can serve the pizza without it falling or touching it with your hands, which is appreciated when you have diners. The only drawback I see is that it is a little expensive.

Qinux Razzrol, real photo of use
Qinux Razzrol, actual product image

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