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The most robust smartband with Xtreme Band

Xtreme Band was born to occupy a privileged place among sports smartband. It is not only resistant to everything you want to make it endure. In addition to that, it comes with the latest technology and at a price that leaves it among the cheapest sports armbands in its range.

What is the Xtreme Band smartband?

Xtreme Band is a sports smartband with a special design,thinner and more resistant that makes it perfect for practicing any sport. Also with greater resistance to water, and better features than activity bracelets of the same price.

What can I do with the Xtreme Band Activity Bracelet?

First of all, with the Xtreme Band sports bracelet you can carry out any type of sports activity without fear of breaking it. In addition, it resists and expels water effectively in any situation.

Second, you can have your daily activity reports, including sleep quality control, health parameters etc. In a way very similar to that of the Loyal Watch model, which we already showed in another review.

How much does the Xtreme Band sports bracelet cost?

buy sports smartband Xtreme Band reviews and opinions
Xtreme Band starts at € 99.00, worse you can access the promotion price of €49.95 this month.

In addition to this, shipping costs are free and it has a two-year warranty, in addition to excellent offers on accessories.

Features of the Xtreme Band sports bracelet

  • Long-lasting, small battery.
  • All the functions of the usual health monitoring bracelets.
  • High degree of resistance to water.
  • Very fine design and made with very flexible materials, withstands punches and exercise routines well.
  • Different sports tracking modes.
  • All the functions of control of telephone, camera, messages, etc., common in smartband.
  • Available in six bright and really well-designed colors.

Xtreme Band reviews and opinions

The colors of the bracelet are very fine, it looks practically the same as in the store image. It is also very comfortable and you don’t even notice it when you go running.


I bought a smartband in this same store, it broke in a few days and they changed it without problems. They are very nice people and the activity bracelet they sent me works for me without problems.

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buy sports smartband Xtreme Band reviews and opinions
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