Lumbar contracture, and lower back pain relief

how to relieve lower back contractures

What is a lumbar contracture and how does it occur?

Lumbar contracture is when a muscle in the lower back suffers from contracture, causing commonly intense pain that does not allow us to perform normal gestures and positions. Usually need lower back pain relief for solve it.
It usually lasts for several days, and there are a number of methods to recover from pain.

How does a lumbar contracture occur?

Normally a contracture in the back occurs due to an effort that produces an overload of the muscles of that area, or because of a habitual bad posture. And they come from work environments, sleeping in bad posture, usually on the side or from great efforts in sports.

How can we relieve lower back pain and lumbago?

The most common treatment for lower back pain relief and contracture is usually anti-inflammatory. But there are people who are very prone to contractures in the lower back and cannot prevent them, and it is important to locate the source of the pain and look for other remedies that will solve the problem.

What are the most effective devices to lower back pain relief and avoid it?

Apparatuses to decompress the area, and massage guns are the best mechanical remedies for lower back pain relief.They can also be prevented with postural prevention devices.

BackHero: Posture corrector to avoid back contractures

This device is ideal for those who must remain seated or in the same posture for a long time. Thanks to its ergonomic design, it allows us to keep the back straighter, preventing injuries, contractures and pain in the lumbar and back.

posture corrector to avoid lumbar contractures Backhero
BackHero prevents back pain and contractures by correcting poor posture throughout the day.

99% of users have reduced back pain on both the right and left sides.

Ergorelax: The vest to sleep well with a back injury

If we already have a contracture in the back, or lumbar pain, the problems with sleeping or moving will multiply.

Ergorelax is an inflatable vest, which presses the back area so that when sleeping, or when making movements, the muscles remain firm and relieves the pain of any contracture, improving the quality of hours of sleep, work , leisure etc .. ideal for lower back pain relief.

Ergorelax back and neck support vest
Ergorelax is one of the best devices to lead a normal life with a lumbar or back contracture.

In addition to this, it helps prevent future injuries by reinforcing our posture day by day.

Pro Massager: Professional massages all over the back

Massages are an effective method of relieving lumbar pain.The Pro Massager massage device is ideal for pain from any contracture, as well as pain from low back pain or any part of the back, both high and low.

pro massager the best muscle percussion massage for lumbar and back pain
Pro Massager is the most effective massage machine for occasional pain.

It has special heads for low back pain and a larger one for the wide area of the back.

Back pain and contracture devices really work

Machines to relieve or prevent the pain of a back contracture or low back pain have been shown to really work. In some cases, back pain may not heal, and may have a different origin, such as a serious injury. In this type of situation it is advisable to consult a specialist.

Reviews and opinions on lower back pain

Because of so many hours in front of the computer, he had a lumbar contracture every few weeks. I started using a posture corrector, and now I hardly ever have back pain.

lumbar contracture and back pain gadgets relief
Web designer

I have been using a massage gun for months now and the results are very good. In addition, to travel for hours they also help quite a bit later. I recommend you try them , especially if you have a muscle injury or a contracture.

lumbar contracture and back pain gadgets relief

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