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FutureX Pen, reviews and opinions

Take notes of everything with the FutureX Pen, without sharpening the pen

FutureX Pen is a stylish inkless pen that you can use on your office desk until you retire without having to replace it. In addition, you can take it with you and write on any surface without fail, even wet.

The most ecological pen is the FutureX Pen and all those in its category

Unlike carbon/graphite pencils that require you to renew the tip, leaving residue, and conventional ballpoint pens, which leave plastic behind, pencils created with a silver tip (Silverpoint) such as the FutureX Pen do not generate waste .

The best marker for professionals is the TutureX Pen inkless pen

FutureX Pen review and opinions
Thanks to the fact that it marks on any surface, and that its tip does not break, it can cover all the needs of a professional of all kinds to mark. Using the FutureX Pen inkless pen they will mark where you want.

In addition to this, as it works even on wet or soft surfaces and cleans easily, it will always be available to instantly change surfaces without fail.

Features and benefits of the FutureX Pen ink pen

  • Elegant design with decorated box, similar to a style pen.
  • Three head replacements included to last you lifetimes.
  • It hardly degrades, unlike graphite pencils you won’t have to use a sharpener.
  • In addition, the tip does not break even if you press hard on very hard surfaces.
  • The lines and writing can be erased with an ordinary eraser and in this way always achieve the desired line.
  • Turned using SilverPoint presses to always have perfect writing and calligraphy.
  • You can write on walls, steel, plastics, even underwater or on very wet surfaces.
  • Does not rub off easily, marks remain for a long time.
  • Soft gray color, which can be much more visible if pressed with the right amount of force.
  • Along with ForeverPen is the best-selling inkless pen in its category , although this model is somewhat larger for more comfort.
  • A must have desktop product just like the PhotoStick Omni that makes equipment for any professional.
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee, you have 30 days to return without obligation
  • Free delivery worldwide.
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FutureX Pen Inkless Pen Reviews and Opinions

I’ve had a similar one for five years, so it’s not really a novelty, although I like this design better, it seems more comfortable to write than the one-inch ones, and the fact that it has refills is an incentive to buy it.


If you don’t lose them, these inkless pens last a lifetime. For children I don’t quite like them, but they enjoy good experiences writing about all the places when they go out to play in the park.


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