CoolDown Pro, cold-heat neck fan

Cooldown Pro review and opinions

Avoid heat strokes with CoolDown Pro, the neck air conditioner CoolDown Pro is a neck fan with a totally futuristic design, which allows you to cool down or get warm anywhere, instantly, and keep you at a comfortable temperature without the need for air conditioning. -50% in official store Protect yourself from extreme weather with … Read more

AirCooly, cold air tower

Aircooly review and opinions

Cool environment with AirCooly, the humidifying tower AirCooly is a new tower with an air cooling effect, which also humidifies the environment. In addition to being simple and elegant, this device is as effective as any mini portable air conditioner. -50% in official store Cool a room up to 12º with the AirCooly mini air … Read more

Neck Climate the fan for the whole year

Neck Climate reseñas y opiniones

Fight heat and cold with Neck Climate and its double ventilation Neck Climate is a new neck fan and climate that will provide you with warm air in winter, and a gentle, cool breeze that will help reduce your body temperature in summer. It is practically like having a personal air conditioner around your neck. … Read more

Frost Air Cooler, portable compact and reliable

Frost air cooler review

One more step thanks to Frost Air Cooler in the mini air conditioners Frost Air Cooler is a mini air conditioner that represents a great advance in relation to many other devices with similar characteristics, since the level of air cooling is much higher due to its new filtered system and atmospheric pressure. -50% in … Read more

CoolAir cheap portable air cooler

Coolair the cheap air cooler reviews

Refresh your room with the portable air cooler Coolair, official product review Coolair is the best selling cheap portable air cooling device on the market. Thanks to its design and mechanics, you can cool a room in a short time and with the minimum consumption. -50% in official store How does the Coolair portable air … Read more

Eco Freeze Ultra the new cool air device

Arcticbreeze humidifier air cooler

Introducing the new Eco Freeze Ultra, the personal air conditioner Eco Freeze Ultra (Also called as NexFan) is a humidifying and air-cooling device that purifies the environment. It is specially designed to cool small rooms quickly and constantly. -50% in official store What is the difference between an air cooler and an air conditioner? An … Read more