Duo Cover, BPA-free microwave lid

Duo Cover reviews and opinions

Improve the flavor of your microwaved food with Duo Cover, the neutral lid Duo Cover is a silicone food cover specially created so that food does not lose its flavor when heated or cooked, and at the same time, keep the appliance free of splashes. -50% in official store Steam cook and rehydrate your food … Read more

Kitchen Super Scissors, multipurpose scissors

Kitchen Super Scissors review and opinions

If you like cooking, Kitchen Super Scissors will be your favorite purchase Kitchen Super Scissors are multipurpose scissors that have six different functions. Detachable to be able to convert them into the cutting tool you need, from knife to peeler, they will allow you to handle meat, fish or vegetables with ease. -50% in official … Read more

AquaPure, pesticide purifier in vegetables

AquaPure review and opinions

Clean and healthy vegetables with AquaPure, the pesticide magnet AquaPure is a purifier of pesticides for fruits and vegetables. It works by electrolysis, separating and breaking down pesticides and herbicides into your filter by soaking your food with some salt. -50% in official store The AquaPure purifying filter protects you from chemicals and bacteria Microorganisms … Read more

CoolX, fast air cooler

Coolx review and opinions

Spend the day cool with CoolX, and the night too CoolX is a mini air cooler with a water tank that, thanks to its new grid system, allows dry ice to be kept longer and works to cool the room for longer, up to a whole night. -50% in official store Dry ice, the secret … Read more

BuzzBGone, the most effective mosquito killer

BuzzBGone review and opinions

The most classic anti-mosquito device, BuzzBGone, has been improved BuzzBGone is one of the best selling mosquito traps in the world. its classic design works perfectly in all environments where there are annoying insects. This summer you will stay safe from bites anywhere. -50% in official store Hundreds of BuzzBGone mosquito trap imitators on Amazon … Read more

Naifu Pro the sharpest Huusk style knife

Naifu Pro reseñas y opiniones

Become a Master Chef with Naifu Pro, the Huusk style knife Naifu Pro is a model of a Japanese knife with a curved Huusk design that is highly appreciated in the kitchen for its comfort, the ease with which it is handled, and because its edge is forged in steel with an impeccable edge that … Read more