Qinux BatForce LX, I present to you the self-defense flashlight bat

Qinux Batforce LX reviews and opinions

Self defense and emergency light with Qinux BatForce LX, all in one Qinux BatForce LX combines the versatility of an emergency flashlight with the forcefulness of a baseball bat for self-defense. Thanks to its intimidating appearance, you can defend yourself against any attempt at aggression or assault. Official store Access here to buy What is a … Read more

Surge, emergency LED bulb

Surge Emergency Bulb review and opinions

Portable light wherever you want with Surge, the infallible emergency bulbs Surge is the new brand of rechargeable LED portable bulbs through the lamp holder. This ingenious system allows you to have a traditional LED lamp, which continues to illuminate when you have no electricity. -50% in official store Smart charging that saves electricity with … Read more

BipKoon, door opening detector

BipKoon reviews and opinions

Protect your home with BipKoon, the independent and effective alarm BipKoon is an alarm for doors and windows that works independently, and is activated when a door or window (non-sliding) in which it is installed is opened. This device will effectively alert the entry of any intruder into your home or business. All product data … Read more

StaySafe 5 in 1, by LifeSafe

Staysafe Lifesafe review and opinions

Take on any fire with StaySafe and easily eliminate the danger StaySafe from the company LifeSafe is a fire extinguisher that works like an aerosol, and that is more practical, since it allows you to use it instantly without the need for the usual process of removing rings from the usual fire extinguishers. -50% in … Read more

Sherkam, spy camera

Sherkam review and opinions

Feel like a spy with Sherkam, the camouflaged mini camera Sherkman is a mini spy camera only one inch wide and 0.5 cm high that is very easy to hide anywhere and allows you to record continuously in both dark and natural light. -50% in official store Protect your business and yours with the Sherkam … Read more