Qinux TitanPG, the most robust military smartwatch of the moment

Qinux TitanPG reviews and opinions

Don’t be left without a watch, Qinux TitanPG holds up to everything you need Qinux TitanPG is a military-style smartwatch that is much more reinforced than its predecessors. Designed to resist all types of shocks and stress situations such as high pressure underwater, you can always wear it in ideal conditions. Official store Access here to … Read more

Qinux DeHumiPur, the intelligent dehumidifier that controls the environment

Qinux DeHumiPur reviews and opinions

Buying a dehumidifier like Qinux DeHumiPur can improve your quality of life Qinux DeHumiPur is an electric dehumidifier that eliminates humidity from the air and cleans the environment of particles that can be harmful to health. In addition, it prevents the formation of mold and stabilizes the indoor climate of your home. Official store Access here … Read more

Qinux Marvic ECG, the smartwatch with real-time health monitoring and electrocardiogram

Qinux Marvic ECG reviews and opinions

Watch and health consultation in one, Qinux Marvic ECG gives you everything Qinux Marvic ECG is a new smartwatch that has the most complete health monitoring and real-time data interpretation kit in its category. You will be able to know your physical state at all times in detail. Official store Access here to buy If something … Read more

Qinux UmissPro, the smart humidifier with the best environmental control

Qinux UmissPro review and opinions

Softer environment at home with Qinux UmissPro, the ideal humidifier Qinux UmissPro is a smart humidifier that allows you to regulate the humidity of the room to your liking, so you can enjoy a softer climate inside your home. It is perfect for having a cleaner and healthier environment. Official store Access here to buy Breathe … Read more

Qinux Stabilix, the band with acupressure therapy for sciatica

Qinux Stabilix reviews and opinions

Relieve your pain with Qinux Stabilix, the passive therapy for your sciatica Qinux Stabilix is an acupressure band that is designed to improve the symptoms caused by sciatic nerve conditions. According to the review on the official website, it works effectively and helps reduce discomfort that goes from the back and runs through the entire … Read more

Qinux ProfShave, mini cordless electric shaver for a professional shave

Qinux ProfShave reviews and opinions

Take the Qinux ProfShave with you anywhere and save time and space Qinux ProfShave is a mini electric shaver that stands out among other things for taking up very little space, and on the other hand, for performing a quick, very close and cut-free shave, which will surprise you at 6600 revolutions per minute. Essential … Read more

Qinux KneeLas, the compressive bandage for your knees

Qinux KneeLas reviews and opinions

Relieve the pain in your knees with Qinux KneeLas, the best protection Qinux KneeLas is a medium compression elastic knee sleeve. It is specially designed to function as a bandage and place additional pressure on the knee, also providing greater support and protection against blows. Official store Access here to buy You can avoid injuries when … Read more

Qinux MassePil, the most complete massage gun

Qinux MassePil reviews and opinions

Improve your mobility with Qinux MassePil, the massage device for the whole body Qinux MassePil is a full-body massage gun, which stands out for being lighter and more manageable than the vast majority of its competitors. In addition, it has great autonomy and heads that adapt to your entire body. You can massage your entire … Read more

Qinux CalmBand, socks to relieve foot and leg pain

Qinux CalmBand reviews and opinions

Recover the feeling of well-being in your feet with Qinux CalmBand, and end the day without fatigue Qinux CalmBand are compression socks that are slightly reinforced in the ankle area. This garment is perfect to combat tired foot syndrome, it helps prevent pain, varicose veins and circulatory problems. Official store Access here to buy What are … Read more

Qinux DoorZy, the video intercom that best monitors your door

Qinux Doorzy reviews and opinions

Control everything that happens at the door of your house with Qinux DoorZy, the smart doorbell Qinux DoorZy is a video intercom with camera and controlled by WiFi from your phone. This new version can connect to Google, Alexa Echo Show and offers you superior image quality even at night. With 360º vision it provides … Read more