GoCube the electronic Rubik’s cube

Go Cube Rubik Bluetooth reviews and opinions

Endless fun with Gocube, the connected Rubik game

GoCube is the popular Rubik’s cube connected by Bluetooth to a tablet or smartphone. It is an excellent original gift created from a classic game by adapting new technologies that improve its playability.

Three different GoCube designs so you can always enjoy the Bluetooth Rubik’s Cube

The official store, although it is only in English, distributes to the whole world, and has available three different models of GoCube, the most classic Rubik’s cube, the Duelist that allows two devices, and the Full Pack with support and more elegant design.

GoCube Rubik Bluetooth review and opinions

GoCube Cube conected the most classic Rubik

If you want to play a Bluetooth-connected Rubik’s Cube on your phone, this is GoCube’s entry-level and cheaper model.

In addition to this, use the application with all the functions just like the rest of the models and you can combine it with the device you want.

GoCube Rubik Bluetooth review and opinions

Rubik Fam Pack to play one against one

This is the familiar GoCube model, it allows you to connect two devices simultaneously to be able to perform duels.

In addition to this, the application allows you to hold tournaments, and guarantees fun for the whole family.

GoCube Rubik Bluetooth review and opinions

GOCUBE RUBIK EDGE FULL PACK, the exclusive design

If you want an advanced Rubik cube model connected by Bluetooth, here you have the advanced version with hundreds of challenges that will make you enjoy to the fullest.

In addition to this, it has games for the little ones and a learning cycle that will become an expert of the game.

Advantages of GoCube over other games

  • It’s totally educational
  • Improves coordination and logical ability.

Make sure you buy the original GoCube game

There are already many models of electronic Rubuk’s cubes, but if they are counterfeit you will not be able to link them with the original APP. That is why you must confirm that they carry the logo of the original brand, and that you buy them from their official website.

Reviews and opinions of the Rubik’s Cube by Bluetooth GoCube

I have liked that game forever. But I didn’t get to ride it in less than five minutes, I’ve always been patient but never fast. I think it’s a good way to pick it up again.

buy GoCube reviews and opinions

When I was little I hated the toy, I could never complete it, and I got so frustrated that I ended up smashing it on the ground. I’m going to see the APP to see if I learn, and maybe I’ll buy it.

buy GoCube reviews and opinions

buy GoCube reviews and opinions
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