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Tests of Roomba’s iRobot are more reliable every day

iRobot by Roomba is the most iconic range of robot vacuum cleaners on the market. The i3, i3 +, i4 and finally the i7 models are sold in thousands around the world and the official store offers more and more advantages so that each home can enjoy them.

What are the advantages of the Roomba iRobot vacuum cleaners

First of all, the suction power is one of the best, the enormous cleaning capacity, and they go hand in hand with a long battery life. This means that we can do other tasks and forget about the maintenance of the Roomba iRobot vacuum cleaner.

The new iRobot i3 model from Roomba the most requested

iRobot i3 de Roomba review and opinions
The range of intelligent vacuum cleaners iRobot Roomba has renewed the model i3 with i3 + more powerful version, which together offer excellent performance at a lower price.

In addition to this, the entire range has an exquisite after-sales service that makes the life of these appliances long and productive.

General characteristics of the Roomba iRobot models

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  • Clean tracing routes in a straight line until the rooms are completely covered.
  • Smart sensors allow you to avoid any obstacle and continue with the stroke.
  • If the battery is running low, save the cleaning point to return to the charging station, and then restart where you left off.
  • Corners and irregular areas are also cleaned with special articulated brushes.
  • It also removes stubborn dirt thanks to multi-surface rubber brushes that work on any floor.
  • Finally, when the job is done, go back to the charging station.
  • The suction system is very powerful, and picks up any dirt like normal arm vacuums.
  • The cargo depot is far superior to other products in its category. and far exceeds the Mini Vac Cleaner.
  • It is recommended to do the first test by monitoring the operation of the device.
  • Based on our experiences, the i3 and i3 + models are really effective and reliable.
  • Compatible with Android, iOS and other devices compatible with Google Assistant and Alexa.
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Free delivery on any of the models.
  • The seller is the official manufacturer, and has an after-sales service and all legal guarantees for any country of distribution.

Reviews, tests and opinions of iRobot of Roomba i3 and other models

They are somewhat expensive, but really at the cleaning and programming level have no rival. My sister-in-law has a white brand that she bought in supermarket and we have compared them, and the truth is that the Roombea is much better.

buy iRobot Roomba reviews and opinions
Saleswoman of clothing

For single people, who lives alone is a great invention. When you leave house you leave the vacuum cleaner robot doing your job and when you come back you do not have to clean up the house, you can enjoy more of your free time.

buy iRobot Roomba reviews and opinions
Office worker

buy iRobot Roomba reviews and opinions
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