VitusPen, ideal cosmetic applicator

Vitus Pen review and opinions

Recover your beauty with VitusPen, the latest generation cosmetic applicator VitusPen is a new applicator for creams and other cosmetics that uses a modern spray system that injects all kinds of serums, moisturizers, firming agents, etc. deeper into your skin. -50% in official store Get 100% use of your cosmetics with the VitusPen applicator When … Read more

Thermoskin Pro facial massager anti-wrinkle

Thermoderm Pro facial massager anti-wrinkle reviews and opinions

The new trend of Thermoskin Pro vibration facial massager is now available ThermoSkin Pro is a new anti-wrinkle facial massager device that combines radiofrequency with LED therapy to achieve a fully effective and long-lasting lifting at any age and on any skin type. -50% in official store A new method with the ThermoSkin Pro radiofrequency … Read more