How to clean connectors, this is my preferred method

Learn the best way to clean smartwatch connectors, headphones and more

How to clean connectors without damaging them and leaving them in perfect condition is something that everyone must learn today. Devices such as smartphones, computers, tablets or headphones need a minimum of hygiene and maintenance. Learn more in the following tutorial.

The importance of knowing how to clean smartphone or headphone connectors

All gadgets rely on charging input, if you can’t charge them, they don’t work, if you can’t upload data to them, they don’t do much good. Knowing how to clean the connectors of headphones or smartphones, USB and USB-C and computers will extend their life.

The most advanced connector cleaning kits for USB, USB-C, boards and more

Fradonic review and opinions
There are tools to clean the connectors of electronic devices that can damage them. The Fradonic cleaning kit, for example, has a special tool for each type of slot.

In addition to this, you can use them in USB, USB-C, audio inputs or any computer board and smart TV output.

All the steps to clean connectors depending on the type of dirt

Regardless of the type of material, accumulated dust is always a problem, and regular cleaning will prevent all kinds of device malfunctions.

  • Remove dust, step 1: With a semi-rigid brush, you should gently make circular strokes.
  • Second, repeat the process in the opposite direction, ending each turn out.
  • Funally, as if you were sweeping out of the slot, make passes with the device down.
  • For better cleaning, it is advisable to use a compressed air spray.
  • If the connector, USB or any other type of dirt is stuck, you must follow the steps below.
  • Using a triangular pointed head, gently scratch dirty areas in circular motions.
  • Next, with the brush, make very soft circular strokes.
  • Finally, pass pressurized air, and repeat the process if dirt remains.
  • It is important to wipe dirt off the scraper head with a cloth before each stroke.
  • More and more users clean their smartphone, headset, tablet or PC with the cleaning kit Fradonic.
  • The cleaning kit is also used to clean car and motorcycle connectors.
  • In addition, the great advantage of cleaning any connector with this system is that it leaves no residue and is completely dry, preventing dirt or moisture from entering the circuits.
  • In case some moisture enters, you could feel static electricity from the board or battery, let it dry for a while.

How to clean USB connectors, reviews and opinions

Tips on how to clean USB and USB-C connectors without damaging them

  • Always use specialized materials.
  • Do not press on the full frontal area with rigid heads.
  • Always clean with the best lighting possible.
  • You should never hit the device to expel dirt.
  • Finally, always blow, if possible, with pressurized air spray.
  • Using semi-stiff brushes, you will be able to clean USB and USB-C ports of memories like PhotoStick Omni and Xtra PC no data loss.
  • The brushes in the cleaning kits are also good for cleaning circuit boards.
  • This process is used to clean both the charger input and USB data connectors.

Reviews and opinions on how to clean smartphone and headphone jacks

I used to use one of these electric toothbrushes before, but I ended up breaking a USB port on my phone and I no longer repeat the experience.

How to clean connectors, reviews and opinions

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