Nuvac, the most powerful handheld vacuum cleaner

Nuvac review and opinions

Clean any corner with Nuvac, the lightweight handheld vacuum cleaner Nuvac is a powerful cordless mini vacuum cleaner that you can operate with one hand, and thanks to its brushless motor and high-performance suction, you can use it to remove dirt from any corner of your home or car. -50% in official store Save energy … Read more

GermsPurge Pro, the portable UV sterilizer

GermsPurge Pro review and opinions

Total protection with GermsPurge Pro, the pocket sterilizer GermsPurge Pro is a small size UV sterilization device that you can take with you anywhere, especially used for toothbrushes, wireless earphones, small jewelry and much more. -50% in official store Take care of the little ones with the GermsPurge Pro sterilizer Thanks to the fact that … Read more

AquaPure, pesticide purifier in vegetables

AquaPure review and opinions

Clean and healthy vegetables with AquaPure, the pesticide magnet AquaPure is a purifier of pesticides for fruits and vegetables. It works by electrolysis, separating and breaking down pesticides and herbicides into your filter by soaking your food with some salt. -50% in official store The AquaPure purifying filter protects you from chemicals and bacteria Microorganisms … Read more

Miracle Laundry Detergent, ecological laundry

Miracle Laundry Detergent review and opinions

Clean your clothes respecting nature with Miracle Laundry Detergent, the ecological detergent Miracle Laundry Detergent are sheets that release 100% natural ecological detergent based on natural coconut oils and vegetable extracts that allow sustainable, efficient and chemical-free laundry. -50% in official store Prevent allergies and skin problems with Miracle Laundry Detergent Many times a detergent … Read more

How to clean connectors

How to clean connectors review and opinions

Learn the best way to clean smartwatch connectors, headphones and more How to clean connectors without damaging them and leaving them in perfect condition is something that everyone must learn today. Devices such as smartphones, computers, tablets or headphones need a minimum of hygiene and maintenance. Cleaning kit Remove dust and lint Embedded dirt USB … Read more

Fradonic, smartphone cleaning kit

Fradonic review and opinions

Extend the life of your equipment with Fradonic, the most precise cleaner Fradonic is a cleaning kit for electronic devices, specialized in smartphones, tablets, headphones, and especially in computers. With this new cleaning pencil you can always have any electronic equipment ready. -50% in official store Remove dust from any crack with Fradonic, no matter … Read more

Mini-Vac Cleaner the dynamic car vacuum cleaner

The portable vacuum cleaner for car, Mini-Vac Cleaner will surprise you Mini-Vac Cleaner is a new portable car vacuum cleaner that you can use anywhere in the house, or wherever you go. In this way you will have the possibility of always having the vehicle or your surroundings clean in a few minutes and with … Read more Protection Status