Hybrid Watch the two-in-one analog smartwatch

hybrid iwatch for sport

A new concept for analog smartwatch Hybrid Watch with smart technology

Hybrid watch review present a watch that combines the best of the digital technology of smart watches, and the elegance of analog watches. The Hybrid smartwatch. A gadget created exclusively for technology lovers who enjoy well designed and elegant machines.

Hybrid Watch endly has arrived to unite these two concepts (digital technology in addition analog design) in a single piece that has been a great success in all the world. The only analog smartwatch Hybrid Watch in the market that mixes design and elegance with the latest technology, similar to eWatch.

How does the hybrid watch work?

Hybrid iWatch reviews and opinions
The analog smartwatch Hybrid Watch allows us to always be connected to our phone, certainly we will always receive calls, messages, Whatsap, Facebook directly.

It also provides us with information about our health, as well as our pulse, blood sugar, tension, etc.

Analog smartwatch Hybrid watch features

  • Manufactured with materials in the same way as traditional analog watches, thanks to this it has great resistance. This also provides a water resistance to a depth of 5 atmospheres, making it fully waterproof.
  • The analog screen independently shares space with the digital one, so that we have all the information in a single view of the Hybrid Watch
  • Information about your health and vital routines: Digital technology similar to that of eWatch is one of the main advantages. Hybrid Watch has a heart rate monitor, blood sugar meter, sleep monitor, pedometer, calorie counter sedentary warning system and much more.
  • The latest update of the APP has the same functionalities as GX Smartwatch at all levels.
  • In conclusion this are the bes option for choice a hybrid Smartwatch

This smartwatch has very similar characteristics to Xwatch, but with a different presentation.

Hybrid watch reviews

I bought it a couple of weeks ago and I love it. The design is beautiful and everything works great.

analog smartwatch Hybrid Watch review price and opinions
Arthur Torrance

I bought two watches taking advantage of the offer and they delivered them perfectly to my house.
They work perfect and I use one daily, the other I gave to my brother

analog smartwatch Hybrid Watch review price and opinions
Mike Davis
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