I present to you the Uqalo Wonderfiz ceramic hair curler

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We have evaluated this hair curler in direct consultation with the sellers, and we will try to solve all your doubts on a technical level. But you can also see user opinions along with the rating they give so you can get a clear idea of what it is.

Let’s start with an explanation of what Uqalo Wonderfiz is

Basically it is an electric hair curler with intelligent temperature control that allows you to curl your hair in a short time, without tangles and without burning it. It has power settings to suit you and you can handle it with great ease.

We explain the main advantages of Uqalo Wonderfiz

There are many reasons why we think this hair curler deserves a review on our website. Below we are going to show its best qualities, or at least the ones that have caught our attention the most.

You can curl your hair without needing help

Uqalo Wonderfiz review and opinions
Thanks to controls that you can operate with your thumb, and a pressure clamp that adapts to your hand, the Uqalo Wonderfiz hair curler can be handled with complete ease without the need for other people to do your curls.

In addition, it is made of light materials that will not tire your hand, and its symmetrical shape allows you to use it with both hands with complete ease.

Natural curls even with the straightest hair

Uqalo Wonderfiz review and opinions
One of the great advantages of this curling iron is that the adjustable temperature allows you to curl your hair regardless of its thickness and without damaging it. The tourmaline shell provides you with the minimum possible friction and thus much less hair falls out

In addition, the pressure clip allows you to style with the force you need in each hairstyle in very few passes, so it will take much less time to obtain the desired look.

Smart temperature control that won’t burn your hair

Uqalo Wonderfiz review and opinions
Another thing to highlight about this hair curler is that it uses PTC technology. This means that the device has a temperature sensor that intelligently prevents the device from exceeding the indicated temperature.

In addition, you can schedule the disconnection automatically in time intervals that can reach 60 minutes, and if the device detects that you are not using it, it turns off automatically.

We detail the technical characteristics and the store of Uqalo Wonderfiz

  • It works with a cable, the plug is tailored for each country you buy from.
  • Ceramic tourmaline curling iron, which rubs the hair much less and therefore also damages it much less.
  • In addition, you have efficient temperature control tailored to the needs of your hair.
  • You can program the usage time and it will turn off automatically when it detects that it is not being used (max. 60 minutes).
  • Ideal for all types of hair, you can have defined curls with the fall you want.
  • You can use it with both hands with complete ease, it only has three buttons and the clip.
  • The seller has legal tax identification and makes the direct sale, sending from his own brand factory, without third party intermediation. It is NOT a dropshipping sale and you can exercise your data and consumer rights at any time.
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  • In case of problems with your purchase, keep your order number. We can help you at help@youneedthisgadget.com with any of the online stores, remember that we will never ask you for personal information.

Customer service

  • Hours Monday to Friday from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
  • +34 932 20 07 72 : English
  • +34 932 20 07 72 : Hebrew
  • +34 932 20 07 80 : German
  • +34 932 20 07 82 : Spanish
  • +34 932 20 07 82 : French
  • Support email: support@ecomgroupteam.com

We have reviewed several reports on hair curlers to find out more

In order for you to have some more information, we have reviewed several external reports of curling irons both similar to Uqalo’s Wonderfiz and different, so that you have a more complete vision.

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After reviewing the Uqalo Wonderfiz tourmaline curling iron, these are our conclusions

The truth is that it is a very good product. Practical, comfortable to use and very respectful of the hair. In relation to quality/price, it is not one of the cheapest, but it is not exaggerated. It is also a very safe device and the automatic shutdown is a great advantage.

It is advisable to buy the model in the official store

As with most products, I will always recommend the official store. At no time am I going to recommend Amazon, Temu or Aliexpress, because you can find fake sellers and that is synonymous with problems. Furthermore, I recommend that you always save the confirmation email and the order number to avoid any possible problems.

Price table on the official website

  • 1 unity: €69.95/each
  • 2 units: €59.98/each
  • 3 units: €49.98/each
  • 5 units: €39.99/each

Send us an email if you have any problems with your order

In case of delays, or if you need information about returns, product changes, requesting user manuals or any other query, we have direct contact with the online stores. You can write to us at help@youneedthisgadget.com and we will try to resolve your questions. Remember that we will NEVER ask you for any personal information, we will simply transfer you to the corresponding section of each store.

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