LifeProtectX the antiviral protection suit

LifeProtectX suit protect against disease

What is LifeProtectX and what is it for?

LifeProtectX is a splash protection suit that allows us to keep our bodies isolated from any particles, bacteria or viruses that may contaminate our clothes.

These types of protective suits are normally used initially for jobs and situations where you are exposed to splashes of chemical agents. In addition to this, and with the increasing problems, it is very useful to protect yourself from infections.

Is protective suit effective?

LifeProtectX Suit Protect for viruses
The LifeProtectX protective suit is completely waterproof and keeps the entire area it covers isolated from any pathogen.

It is important to ensure that it does not tear in any area to be protected always.

LifeProtectX Protective Suit Features

  • Made of polyvinyl film polypropylene nonwoven and polyurethane hot melt sealing tape.
  • Non-woven fabric that makes it, in conclusion, ideal against viruses and bacteria.
  • Hospital protective suit used as non-woven surgical protective clothing.
  • The highly bacteriostatic unidirectional air permeability also allows the internal heat to evaporate quickly.
  • Protective clothing effectively isolates all types of external liquid, filters out volatile liquid and prevents direct contact.
  • It is disinfected like any clothing. See how to disinfect clothes with UV
  • You can use the best portable UV sterilizers for this task
  • Their level of protection is as high as the clear reusable masks such Clear Shield

LifeProtectX Protective Suit Reviews and Opinions

First of all I find it a bit of an exaggeration to go outside in a protective suit. I think that with a mask and glasses is enough.

LifeProtectX Protective Suit Reviews

Certainly professionals should give us more equipment. Some cleaning workers in health centers always need to have this protective clothing on hand and we have to buy it online.

LifeProtectX Protective Suit Reviews