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memorysfex usb stick

Review of MemorySafe X, the universal memory stick

MemorySafeX is the universal memory device. It is designed to store large amounts of data. Are a 64gb flash drive compatible with any device without the need for intermediate cables as an adapter.

MemorySafeX works with all devices

This usb flash drive has a simple rotary head system, which makes that in addition to working with UB ports, it can adapt to USB Type C, which we will find in most smartphones and tablets.

MemorySafeX flash drive for iphone and Android

memorisafex usb stick reviews
The two USB Type-C and standard inputs of MemorysafeX make this USB storage device an ideal flash drive for iPhone and Android.

In conclusion, it can be used with LG, Samsung, iPhone, Huawei, ZTE and more devices.

Different connections for a high speed USB stick

Additionally, one of the great advantages of the usb storage device MemorysafeX is the high speed of data transmission in any of its connections.
The USB c memory stick side can save files at 10 Gb / s speed in the same way as the standard USB. In addition to this, Memory Safe X is a highly recommended tool to save photos or videos of the phone both in order to create a backup copy, as well as to free up space on our smartphone.

MemorySafeX flash drive features

  • USB and USB Type-C adapters valid for all devices
  • 64gb flash drive
  • The energy consumption is minimal, it will not drain the battery of your mobile or tablet.
  • Data transfer rate of up to 10gb / s
  • Compatible with android, iOS, Windows, Linux etc.
  • Ideal for saving 3D videos due to their size, such as those we take with the Hyper360 3D camera.
  • Memory Safe X is the perfect complement to use in business meetings and have backup copies.
  • It also has a high transmission speed that allows access to data instantly.
  • If you configure the mobile correctly you can save the downloads against MemorySafeX and always have the memory empty phone.
  • If you want larger memories of up to 256GB you can opt for PhotoStick Omni, which also comes with pre-installed software.
  • You can buy it without shipping costs worldwide and guaranteed delivery.

MemorySafeX reviews

It works like any usb storage device. The two ports are well coupled, and I have the photos and videos in seconds stored. This gadget is great when I go on a trip and I want to take many photos.

Universal MemorySafeX reviews and opinions

I have taken advantage of the offer of two, and I do not regret it. I am very happy with the purchase, I recommend it. You can take photos and videos in large quantities and transfer them to memory, I have managed to save more than 600 images before transferring them to the computer.

Universal MemorySafeX reviews and opinions

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