Mestralax relieves menstrual discomfort

Mestralax reviews and opinions

Forget the pain of your period with Mestralax, the menstrual heating pad

Mestralax is an innovative method to relieve period pain. It consists of a menstrual heating pad that also provides soft massages, both in the pelvic area and in the lower back. It has been tested on thousands of women and it works.

All-natural, drug-free remedy with the Mestralax thermal massager

If you are tired of taking medications to calm the discomfort that the menstrual cycle can cause you, you are in luck. With the new Mestralax menstrual heating pillow you will get progressive relaxation and relief, ending the day more relaxed and pain-free.

Use your menstrual heating pad anywhere, Mestralax is comfortable and discreet

Mestralax review and opinions
It doesn’t matter if you have to be away from home, standing or sitting, at home or at work. You can use the Mestralax menstrual pillow adjusted to your belly or kidney area without discomfort and doing any activity.

In addition to this, you can adjust the temperature and intensity of each massage according to your needs, thus obtaining maximum relief from your discomfort.

Features and benefits of the Mestralax menstrual massage pillow

  • Without cables, the battery allows use for several hours without charging. The time varies depending on the intensities of use.
  • Adjustable temperature in up to three different levels.
  • Gentle massage that you can increase in four different scales depending on your needs.
  • Adjustable to the back (kidney area) and to the pelvis and lower abdomen.
  • Soft straps that adapt to your waist easily regardless of your size.
  • Effective relief of aches and pains caused by the menstrual cycle, cramps, etc.
  • If you also suffer from migraines, it is advisable to consult the review of Migraine Stopper , by Migracorr in this same portal.
  • You will save on health by avoiding excessive consumption of drugs and pain relievers.
  • In addition to this, the device is slightly curved to fit the natural lines of the waist.
  • Front control panel easy to use and very comfortable.
  • For people with neck pain, the Neckma can be an excellent alternative.
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee, you have 14 days to return without obligation
  • Free delivery worldwide.
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Mestralax reviews and opinions

Reviews and opinions of the heating pillow for menstrual pain Mestralax

I have a very strong period, and also with a lot of bleeding and sometimes I have to take medication to avoid having bad days. Any help to relieve pain is welcome. I think I’m going to buy it.

buy Mestralax reviews and opinions

Sometimes I have to stay a couple of days without going to the office because I have a very bad time. If this device is so good, I will be able to enjoy the experiences of working without pain or at least with less discomfort on the most complicated days.

buy Mestralax reviews and opinions
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buy Mestralax reviews and opinions
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