Photo Stick Omni, these are my opinions after two years of testing

More than two years of experience using Photo Stick Omni, they deserve a separate review

After testing this pendrive with photo organizer, I have used it for more than a year, and below I present my evaluation based on the results I have had. But you can also give your opinion and see the opinions of other users along with the rating they give so that we all have a more realistic rating.

Let’s start by knowing what this specific product is

As I have explained in other reviews, Photo Stick Omni is a pendrive with an APP installed that searches and organizes files. Memory capacities range from 32Gb to 256Gb.

I explain below the main advantages that I have seen in Photo Stick Omni

I use the phone a lot to take photos, and also the tablet for my work, so a 256Gb memory seemed quite attractive to me, and I liked this brand more than other cheaper ones for many reasons. I’ll tell you the best advantages I’ve seen in these two years of use.

A pendrive for all devices

Photo Stick Omni review and opinions
With a single device you can connect to all phones and tablets, no matter the brand. The Photo Stick Omni’s three different inputs accommodate iOs and Android phones with equal efficiency.

In addition, the APP is also compatible and can be run with all devices, which gives you a lot of flexibility when switching from one to another. Personally I have never had any problems with compatibility.

The device is like new after two years

Photo Stick Omni review and opinions
As I have already mentioned, in two years the device continues to work without problems and with the same speed. The connectors have not been damaged and fit perfectly in new phone models.

In addition, I have formatted it a couple of times and it has not suffered a loss of memory capacity and the subsequent installation has not caused any problems either.

High data transfer speed

Photo Stick Omni review and opinions
Another advantage of the Photo Stick Omni pendrive over others is its transmission speed. It has USB 3.0/SuperSpeed up to 5 Gbps, so you can save high-quality videos and photos in a very short time.

In addition, as I have mentioned before, the 256Gb model is perfect for mass storage and for those of us who work with high-quality videos or photos.

As a gift I think it’s very good

Photo Stick Omni review and opinions
When certain dates arrive when you have to start giving gifts, this year I haven’t gotten my head around it. I took advantage of the Photo Stick Omni offer that when buying several offers you discounts of up to 60% on additional units and it was a good price.

In addition, it is a gift that suits anyone of any age, because nowadays everyone uses files from memory drives, whether for the phone or tablet or for the smart TV or computer.

I detail the technical and purchasing characteristics that I liked about Photo Stick Omni

  • It is made to last, I bought the 256Gb one and I have never run out of storage space.
  • Transmission speed much higher than most of its competitors, some brands are similar but do not have the APP installed.
  • Very intuitive and easy-to-use software, I quickly got used to all its functions.
  • In addition, as a search engine and recoverer for photos and videos that you may have lost, it is very competent, it scans your phone and finds everything you are looking for.
  • Ideal for people who take a lot of photos, videos or who work with their phone and tablet regularly.
  • On the other hand, I miss having the option to encrypt documents.
  • The seller has legal tax identification and makes the direct sale, sending from his own brand factory, without third party intermediation. It is NOT a dropshipping sale and you can exercise your data and consumer rights at any time.
  • In case of problems with your purchase, keep your order number. We can help you at with any of the online stores, remember that we will never ask you for personal information.

Here I also leave you the customer service

  • +1 (970)556-8834 (ATT. for everyone)
  • Support email:
  • Returns email:
  • Mailing address: ThePhotoStick Omni 206 N Colorado Ave, Haxtun, Colorado, US, 80731
  • You can contact the company to resolve any questions with your orders, to make returns or to inquire about use, request assistance and everything related to the product.

Below you can also find the most interesting links

In case anyone has questions, or needs to reinstall the APP. I leave you in the following list the installation and guide links for Photo Stick Omni.

  • ThePhotoStick® Omni Overview Link.
  • Installation of the APP on Android (Google Play) Link.
  • Installation of the APP on iOS (APP Store) Link.

After testing every detail, these are my conclusions

I suppose that other brands today will also be very good at working with multiple devices, but Photo Stick Omni has shown me that it is a reliable and safe tool that allows me to work quickly when I have to move files.

I also leave you the list of related reports

It is advisable to buy the model in the official store

As with most products, I will always recommend the official store. At no time am I going to recommend Amazon, Temu or Aliexpress, because you can come across fake sellers and that is synonymous with problems. Furthermore, I recommend that you always save the confirmation email and the order number to avoid any possible problems.

Send us an email if you have any problems with your order

In case of delays, or if you need information about returns, product changes, requesting user manuals or any other query, we have direct contact with the online stores. You can write to us at and we will try to resolve your questions. Remember that we will NEVER ask you for any personal information, we will simply transfer you to the corresponding section of each store.

Your opinion is of great value to me

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