Omni DataSafe, AES-256 encrypted USB flash drive

Omni DataSafe reviews and opinions

Don’t let your data be stolen, Omni DataSafe protects it from everything Omni DataSafe is a pendrive with two high security systems, on the one hand a military-grade AES-256 encryption that cannot be decrypted and on the other, a physical keyboard that allows you to protect the unit with a password. Official store Access here to … Read more

The PhotoStick Omni, these are my personal reviews after the test

The PhotoStick Omni personal reviews and opinions

The results of The Photo Stick Omni have totally convinced me The Photo Stick Omni is more than just software you can install on any random flash drive and use to organize photos. If you use the official memory, that’s when it really becomes a powerful and useful tool. Official store Access here to buy With … Read more

PhotoStick Omni, updated experiences and tests 2023

The Photostick Omni reseñas y opiniones

More space with The Photo Stick Omni to store and recover files PhotoStick Omni is a memory stick, with software that allows you to recover your photos and videos. You can buy a 64G, 128Gb or 256GB memory stick according to your needs. This memory stick is faster and more efficient than a portable hard … Read more

Card Recovery Pro, universal file recovery

Card Recovery Pro review and opinions

Recover your files with Card Recovery Pro, whatever the memory Card Recovery Pro is software designed to recover data from cards and memory drives that have been accidentally damaged, formatted or erased. You can use it with different memory cards, from SD, micro SD, CF or XD cards effectively. -50% in official store Access here to … Read more

Omega DataCube vs. The PhotoStick Omni

Omega DataCube vs Photo Stick Omni

Choose your best option between Omega DataCube and The Photo Stick Omni Omega DataCube and The Photo Stick Omni are two flash drives with up to 265Gb of memory, both of which also have custom software for storing and organizing photos and smartphone files. We are going to see advantages and disadvantages between both models. … Read more

Omega DataCube, 256Gb photo recoverer

Omega DataCube review and opinions

All your files safe with Omega DataCube, your pocket cloud Omega DataCube is a portable memory disk the size of a flash drive, which also has built-in data detection and storage software, thus saving your photos, videos and others automatically and without you having to do anything. -50% in official store The power of the … Read more

Recover deleted photos and videos

With the right software you can recover your deleted photos Recovering deleted phone photos or missing videos can be a complicated task. If you have the right software and a good storage center, you will never lose files from your phone again. Recovery software Ideal flash drive Recover files Security advice Reviews and opinions See … Read more

Flash Drive X Pro, universal 32Gb memory

Flash Drive Pro review and opinions

Save any file with Flash Drive X Pro, from phone or tablet Flash Drive X Pro is a universal memory stick that has inputs for all types of devices, and that adapts to computers, even Apple products with the Lightning connector. You will always have 32Gb of space. -50% in official store Instant download technology … Read more

Photo Stick, the evolution of the universal flash drive

The Photo Stick review and opinions

The official Photo Stick flash drives for all devices Photo Stick is a brand of high-capacity memory sticks that are compatible with all devices, with an APP created to recover all types of files and store them organized. works with all kinds of computers, tqablets and phones. PhotoStick Omni Model The PhotoStick Classic Details All … Read more

Photostick Mobile the original universal memory

Photostick Mobile reseñas y opiniones

With the new PhotoStick Mobile your photos and videos are always safe PhotoStick Mobile needs no introduction. It is the memory stick and accessory for photography and data with compression system software, and double USB + UST type C connector, which allows you to store up to 60,000 photos and videos and move them from … Read more