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ProTabletX reviews and opinions

Enjoy your ProTabletX and its twelve inches in full color

ProTabletX is the new tablet model with a large screen (12.9 inches) and 5G Dual SIM technology, which also allows you to always be connected. This device has the mobility of a smartphone and all the power of its 10-core heart.

Games, video, music and much more on your new ProTabletX

If you needed capacity, the 512GB of ROM of this tablet allows you to store any game or video you want. In addition, the 10-core processor, the 12Gb of memory and the large screen of ProTabletX will allow you to have totally immersive audiovisual experiences.

Call and enjoy streaming always with the 5G of the ProTabletX tablet

ProTabletX review and opinions
Thanks to its capacity for a 5G Dual SIM card, you can use your ProTabletX tablet as a smartphone and access the Internet wherever you go for calls, videos, music, etc..

In addition to this, the 12.9-inch screen is HD and takes advantage of the maximum space so that your latest Android version installed can take full advantage of its features.

ProTabletX Tablet Features and Benefits

In case you are not sure if this is the tablet model that best suits your needs, before buying, we show you all the data provided by the manufacturers and official suppliers in their reviews:

  • Large battery capacity with 8800MaH and special low consumption mode.
  • 12.9-inch Full HD screen and high-end resolution.
  • Dual SIM 5G.
  • 12Gb of RAM and 512 ROM with card slot for up to an additional 256Gb.
  • If you need to store more files, an additional stick such as Photo Stick Omni,256GB is recommended which is fully compatible.
  • Ability to function as a phone just like MaxPhone smartphone for example .
  • Powerful 10-core processor and high performance at low temperatures thanks to its latest generation pre-installed Android.
  • 13MP camera with dual core sensor and AI that allows you to edit photos in Rubik’s cube mode, background scenes, light changes and much more.
  • High performance APP installed, including Omega DataCube in some models.
  • High-speed Bluetooth %.0 for better communication between devices.
  • High quality sound with noise cancellation for calls or video recording.
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee, you have 14 days to return without obligation
  • Free delivery worldwide.
  • The seller has legal tax identification and makes direct sales by sending from the brand’s factory, without third-party intermediation. It is NOT a dropshipping sale and your data and consumer rights are maintained 100%
  • In case of problems with your purchase, please retain your order number. We can help you at with any of the online stores.
  • To calculate how much the tablet costs per unit, it is advisable to enter the official purchase ber, since the discount increases depending on the volume of the order.

Some tablets that mimic ProTablet X may be poor imitations

There are sellers who, in order to obtain better sales, give their products the same names as the original companies and sell them from fake websites or on Amazon. Buying a tablet like ProTablet X from the original website will avoid a poor quality or counterfeit product.

Reviews and opinions of the ProTabletX tablet

I personally think it’s a very good gift at that price. I’m a big screen fan, and this one is bordering on the size of a mini laptop. I like it a lot and if the one I have breaks, I still buy this model.

buy ProTabletX reviews and opinions

If a tablet offers you immersive experiences of this quality for this price, it is an option to consider. If it is also resistant, for the youngest it can be the gift of the year.

buy ProTabletX reviews and opinions

buy ProTabletX reviews and opinions
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