This is my selection of mini portable air conditioner this summer

best mini portable air cooler and air conditioner

Next we will see all about the best portable mini air coolers

A mini personal air conditioner or air cooler, is a small device that can give us cold air and refresh the atmosphere in small rooms.And it can also be used in any room without the need for installation. In this review we have compared the most interesting ones on the market today, choose the one you like best.

Do portable personal air conditioners really work?

These devices filter by ventilating over cold water. If the room is small, you can naturally cool the air like a portable air conditioner, although you will need to add cold water or ice more regularly..

What are the best air coolers or personal air conditioners?

Based on our experiences, although there are dozens of brands, the best personal portable air conditioners are those that meet the basic requirements of power by cooling the air, low consumption, and small size. Currently we have selected the iCold and Coolair models as the most suitable, although Articbreeze is working very well.

What area can the personal air conditioning cool?

The best personal portable air conditioner or air coolers can cool up to 12-16 square meters effectively and steadily for quite some time. In addition, being portable it can be taken to different rooms.

Below you can see our selection of the best mini portable evaporative coolers

Air Cooler Qinux AirGo, review and opinions

Qinux AirGo, cool air in 30 seconds

This new mini ari cooler stands out for its new instant cooling technology with which you will notice the lowest temperature in 30 seconds. Qinux AirGo is the evolution of these devices.

In addition to this, its reduced consumption due to its optimal mechanics will help you save on your electricity bill.

Nexfan mini air conditioner air cooler test

Nexfan the most popular mini air conditioner

The Nexfan model has become one of the most popular portable mini airs due to its great power and capacity.

In addition to this, it has far surpassed other airs of the range and higher price in relation to value for money.

mini air conditioner AirCooly review and opinions

AirCooly, cold air with humidifier

The new AirCooly air cooling tower provides fast and ideal air conditioning in small rooms and at very low consumption.

In addition to this, you can use it to humidify rooms all year round.

portable  air cooler Cooledge review and opinions

Cooledge the most requested this summer

Now we have at your disposal the Coolair mini air, which stands out for being an efficient and very low consumption silent aircooler.

In addition to this, and due to the great demand, it has been manufactured in large volume to satisfy everyone.

Let’s look in more detail personal portable air conditioner, UV Cooler

It is a small, compact and mini personal portable air conditioner that provides cold air instantly in any small room from a USB port

best personal portable air conditioner UV Cooler

The UV Cooler air cooler, a classic

The UV Cooler model connects from any USB port, and its water filters purify 99% of the air. In addition, this small air cooler has integrated Hydro-Chill Technology for 3 speeds of use and lights of up to 7 colors.

Let’s look in more detail personal portable air conditioner, CoolAir

best personal portable air conditioner Coolair

Coolair is the best known and most evolved model

Each year this mini air cooler is redesigned to be among the best in its class. In addition to being precise and reliable, this air conditioner is totally portable to adapt to all your needs.

Neck Cooler, the latest innovation in personal air conditioners

Recently a new product has appeared, which allows us to carry a body cooling system wherever we go. They are the neck body conditioners, like Neck Cooler.

buy Neck Cooler best personal portable air neck cooler

Neck Cooler, the mini individual air conditioner

If you want a portable and personalized mini air, you can try the Neck cooler neck fan, which will provide you with personal cooling almost instantly. It is perfect for use in the office and for the elderly.

You can see the full Neck Cooler review here.

This should never be missing in portable mini air coolers

  • Guarantee a real cooling of the room where you are and up to 12 square meters.
  • Minimum consumption always, with 12V operation or battery included.
  • Since they have an independent battery, they do not need 12V adapters, although they fit into the vehicle’s power outlet.
  • The current top rated combo is the Vaporizer Air Cooler.
  • Many people are starting to use them on terraces and other semi-closed exteriors with solar connection and it allows them to cool off without spending energy.
  • In addition to all this, it is an alternative that adapts more easily to energy saving regulations than large air conditioners.
  • Silent and safe, the fans must comply with all approval standards.
  • Remember that mini air coolers are most efficient in small spaces and in dry climates.
  • In addition to this, keeping the water tank always full allows you to humidify the room.

Personal portable low comsumption air conditioner reviews

Is a really good mini personal portable air conditioner unit, With dry ice it works very well and keeps the room moist. The average price of these devices is good.

Personal air conditioner reviews

I use personal air conditioner when the truck is stopped, and I save a lot of battery compared to when I connect the normal air conditioning. this portable air conditioner is much cheaper and the best option.

Personal air conditioner reviews

The one shown in this review is one of the best mini personal portable air conditioner I have ever tried. I have one in my room and one in the children’s room. It is very safe and really works well.


Small air coolers are useful only to have in the office, or in very small areas. If not, they usually do not have enough power to achieve a comfortable room temperature. I prefer neck fans if I’m alone.

Reviews of portable air conditioners
Juan José

They cool my room even with the window slightly open. In addition, I have tried them in the kitchen, and they help to avoid food odors. In addition, they do not collect fat in the circuit.

Reviews of portable air conditioners
Juan José

Disclaimer: This comparison on mini portable air conditioners is intended to show the products and explain their characteristics, at no time is it intended to encourage purchase or influence the consumer’s decision.