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Sittamax reviews and opinions

Recover your natural posture with Sittamax, the ideal neck corrector

Sittamax is an intelligent posture corrector that is placed between the lower neck area and the beginning of the back. With an intelligent detector that calculates the curvature of the spine in that area, it emits a small vibration impulse that alerts you when your back is not straight.

Get rid of pain and a stiff neck with the intelligent Sittamax back brace

When you have a whiplash, a contracture or muscle pain in the shoulder, back and neck area, 99% of the time it is due to spending many hours in poor posture, especially sitting. With the intelligent posture corrector Sittamax you will avoid these problems.

Greater long-term postural hygiene with the Sittamax neck corrector

Sittamax review and opinions
When you work on your posture when walking and sitting, the body acquires memory and performs these movements naturally. Using the intelligent posture corrector Sittamax you will educate the muscles in the area to have a straighter back.

In addition to this, when you use it long term, you will see that over time you stop needing it and that you no longer have neck and cervical stiffness.

Features and benefits of the Sittamax vibration posture corrector

  • Battery with several days of use, with USB-C charger similar to that of smartphones.
  • It is not submersible, and is not recommended for use in the shower, but it is resistant to water and sweat.
  • Made of silicone, it fits smoothly around the neck and the trim defines the curvature of the upper part of your back to obtain the ideal model.
  • When you are in a forced position for the upper area of the spine, the device alerts you with a small vibration.
  • Can be worn under clothing, or over thin garments.
  • Best solution for cervical problems that come from a bad posture.
  • Children from 6-7 years old can already use it, especially when doing tasks sitting down.
  • Rated the best posture corrector for the back posture at a higher level.
  • The body acquires a more correct postural education from the third or fourth week, in the long term you will not need it.
  • If you suffer a lot from neck pain, it is recommended to combine it with Neck Massager to relieve any contracture.
  • When you suffer from a small spinal deviation, sometimes lateral, it is advisable to go to your specialist doctor to solve it.
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  • Free delivery worldwide.
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Reviews and opinions of the posture corrector for the back Sittamax

In the long term, especially those who work or study sitting for a long time, end up having cervical problems. Addressing this problem in time can prevent greater evils over time.

buy Sittamax reviews and opinions

One of the worst experiences with regard to neck pain is that of suffering from whiplash. It happened to me a lot, and it was because I had a stiff neck from sitting in a bad position for so many hours.

buy Sittamax reviews and opinions

buy Sittamax reviews and opinions
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